Transforming Small Bedrooms with Limited Storage

Well, our first couple of weeks up here at Tumalo have been absolutely magical. I can’t express how much I missed having all our things and being able to relax and enjoy a space that is truly meant for us. The comfort and joy of being in a place that feels like home is unparalleled! From our beautiful kitchen to cozy bedrooms to a breathtaking outdoor space, I’m very excited to share it all with you.

Transforming Small Bedrooms with Limited Storage

In this post, I will show you two of the bedrooms’ transformations. For those of you who are new here, originally there were two bedrooms with essentially the exact same size and layout. These rooms are for two of our children who are already out of the house. But, they will also serve as guest rooms when friends and family come to visit.

If you remember the original plans for the bedrooms, we didn’t have bed nooks drawn up. As we were renovating, I was really struggling to figure out how I could fit queen beds in these bedrooms. That was a must for us. And, this is why I absolutely rave about Pinterest — there’s so much inspiration for how you can get clever with any small space solutions! I came across some photos of bed nooks, and knew immediately that we could make this happen.

Derrick was able to build a bed frame (which really didn’t take too much work). We laid plywood across the top to act as a mattress support for the bed. And, we made sure to carve out room to incorporate two large pullout drawers underneath the bed. We did this because the rest of the room doesn’t have any extra space for a dresser (besides in the closets, which don’t have much space either).

Additionally, we included built-in shelves on the outside of the frames for décor, as well as a catchall for things like wallets and glasses. We did the same on the insides of the nook: a shelf along the headboard and, on the opposite side, a little insert for a wall-mounted TV. What I love about the layout of this room is that you don’t see the TVs when you’re standing in the doorway. That was super intentional!

These nooks feel cozy, like their own little cocoons. And, what better way to make them feel even more inviting than by painting them a fun color? We color-drenched the nooks in each of the bedrooms, one in a mocha brown and the other in a warm, earthy green. The colors are moody but still fresh and transitional, adding to the overall charm and comfort of the spaces.

Bed Nook Design #1


Bed Nook Design #2

I’m so happy with how these spaces came together. Now, I just need to perfect them with styling touches. There are many different routes to go, and I know I’ll be rearranging and repurposing for a little while. Can’t wait to show you the final look once everything is in place!


Stay tuned for more updates and, as always, thank you for following along on our journey!

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