The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: From Sentimental to Practical

Dads can be notoriously tricky to shop for. Whenever you bring up gifts, they always seem to say, “I don’t need anything” or “save your money!” At least that’s how Derrick is. If the dad in your life isn’t into material gifts, consider going the sentimental route, or focusing on an experience you both can enjoy together. Concerts, trips, or even a fun day out can show your love and appreciation in a way that creates lasting memories. That’s what’s so nice about gifting experiences — there’s nothing better than creating fun memories. After all, the perfect gift brings joy and happy moments!

If you’re looking for something to pair with your sweet experience gift, or just need some help brainstorming, I’ve got you covered. These are things that most guys would love and, to be honest, need — whether they like to admit it or not. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with any of these ideas.

So, let’s dive in and find that perfect gift to make Father’s Day extra special this year!

1. Frame TV 

Dad’s love their tech gifts (and technically this could even be a gift for yourself — bonus!). Look at the streamlined look of the Frame TV — it blends in nicely with any home aesthetic, and can even act as art! It’s a win-win.

2. Higher Dose Mat 

Dads never really seem to actually seek out relaxation. This genius product grounds you in earth’s magnetic field for a full-body reset, while infrared light promotes enhanced blood flow and improved muscle recovery. And, let’s be honest, as they get older, this could be really beneficial! Technology nowadays is so cool. We have one and it truly is like an at-home spa 😊

3. Yeti Backpack Cooler 

Convenient and guaranteed to be used all summer long. The backpack design is such a clever idea for keeping everything hands-free!

4. Tommy Bahama Swim Trunks or J. Crew Seersucker Trunks 

Here are two options depending on his style: a funky pair fit for a tropical vacation, and a more minimalist seersucker one for a low-key coastal vibe. If you happen to be giving the gift of an adventure or vacation, throw these in as a nice hint at what their gift might be. Regardless of a trip, swim trunks are a summer necessity and you can have fun with this gift and go crazy with the prints!

5. Sunglasses 

A no-brainer. He might already have a pair, but I swear men lose their sunglasses all the time. It never hurts to give them the perfect new pair!

6. Picture Frame 

I am the biggest proponent of these CB2 frames. In my opinion, one of the sweetest gifts you can give a dad is a framed picture from a happy memory that you two have together.

7. Cornhole 

A fun gift that sparks conversation, creates memories, and allows you to be outside! Cornhole is the perfect gift if you’re looking to get competitive.

8. Slides/Sandals 

Summer shoes are always nice to receive, and they’re an item that can get boring for guys to purchase on their own. I’ve been loving sandals this season, and it makes outfits feel more summery!

9. The Perfect Summer Shirt 

Go the safe route and look for a new nice shirt that is versatile! It’s always a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

10. Hot Sauce 

For the cook! These are so yummy and make for an easy and simple gift.

11. Passport Holder 

If you’re going somewhere fun anytime soon, this is thoughtful and personal. It’s practical and keeps them feeling organized and in check — plus maybe a little “extra.”

12. Whiskey Barrel 

Any guy would be excited to receive one of these! Perfect for their man cave and to show off to their friends. Love the tabletop design.

We look to the dads in our lives for guidance and wisdom; they’ve been our rocks, our mentors, and our biggest supporters. This Father’s Day, let’s show them just how much they mean to us with thoughtful gifts that make them feel loved and appreciated. Whether big or small, no gift goes unnoticed by dads. It’s the gesture and the sentiment behind it that counts the most. Here’s to celebrating all the amazing dads out there — thank you for everything you do!

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Shoot days are some of our favorite days! 

Join us behind the scenes as we bring our projects to life, this time with the amazing @susie.wright, fashion blogger, So Susie. The energy was incredible, and we couldn’t resist wrapping up the day with some sips and snacks at @amaterrawines. 

So grateful to do what we love and to create stunning spaces for incredible people.

Life is short. Make it beautiful
Today marks our 27th year wedding anniversary. 11 homes, 3 kids, and countless adventures. No matter where we go, my home is always with you. Can’t wait to see what the next 27 holds.
Two years later. Two years of blood, sweat and tears. Two years of Derrick asking me to come to a decision and me changing my mind two more times thereafter. This project surprised us in so many ways. The biggest one being that it has turned into our home. 

Every time we design a space, we think about how our clients want to live in it. We strive to make each and every room a reflection of them and their lifestyle. 

That is our one intention. 

And for this small but mighty kitchen, we had to do the same for ourselves…the heart of every home. For us it’s a where we have dreamed of cooking together and unwinding after a long day. Preparing and enjoying our first meal is surreal…. seeing the fruits of our labor and extensive planning come together in a beautiful way. This is our ultimate desire for each room we design. 🤍

Life is Short. Make it Beautiful.