The December Edit: 2023 Wrapped

As we bid adieu to 2023, we’re overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every one of you who’ve embarked on this design journey with us. Your unwavering support, whether through Instagram, Pinterest, or right here on our site, has been the driving force behind our creativity and inspiration throughout the year. Every comment, like, direct message, save, and share has left a mark, reinforcing our passion for design. In a sea of talented designers, your acknowledgement and connection to our work is a constant reminder why we do what we do. Thank you for making 2023 an incredible chapter in our design story. 

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s peek behind the curtain into our December design vibes. Think of this mood board as our Pinterest-worthy brain dump — all the stuff that was fueling our creativity this past month. 

Color of the Month: Benjamin Moore “Dark Olive”

Our current obsession is Benjamin Moore’s “Dark Olive.” We pitched this gem for one of our client’s kitchens, and oh boy, it’s going to be a showstopper! We’re all about those earthy tones, and this shade brings any room to life. It’s fresh, vibrant, and perfectly moody. 


A Year of Growth

2023 has been our year of growth, refining, and defining. It has been a rollercoaster of learning curves and inspiration. We dove headfirst into knowledge pools like the Haven Workshop, and a jaw-dropping trip to Italy with Boxwood Avenue. The Haven Workshop was a goldmine for interior design biz mastery – seriously, it was like a crash course in taking our brand to the next level! From nailing down our dream clients to fine-tuning our business processes, it was all about honoring our craft and setting sights higher than ever.

Now, drumroll, please … 2024 is about to witness our grand unveiling! We’ve been tinkering away, perfecting new services that are carefully curated to make our client experience as seamless as possible. It has been our obsession, and how we initiate, manage, and execute projects is about to get an upgrade. Imagine a platform that’s not just helpful but downright magical in ensuring a smooth sailing journey from the first hello to the final touches! Stay tuned. 

2023 Projects

Let’s talk projects … 2023, you’ve been a blast! We’re itching to snap those final shots of two stunning projects that we’ve recently wrapped up. Get ready for the grand reveal in the coming months because these babies are worth the hype. As we tiptoe into the new year, brace yourselves for the inception of new ventures. Remodels? Our jam! Sure, we adore new constructions, but there’s something special about breathing new life into a space, aligning it perfectly with the homeowners’ essence. Whether it’s a facelift for aesthetics or a complete functional overhaul, redesigning spaces is where our hearts sing.

Let’s not forget our baby, the Tumalo project. Crafting a home that’s not just visually stunning but practically perfect for a family of five has been our labor of love. Stay tuned for more updates as we get ready to move into all its glory — meaning … a little construction!😂


Our vibe for the next year? Wel, we’re all about leveling up our game, making our services even more awesome and efficient for our clients, and expanding our crew to keep the creativity flowing (the more the merrier)! We’ll be snapping lots of pics of every stunning project we’ve got under our belt. So, get ready to see our designs poppin’ up all over your feed … let’s keep the good times rolling 🥂 We hope you’re just as excited to join us on this wild design adventure in 2024. Buckle up, it’s going to be exciting!


Classic Plaid Pillow

Woven Plaid Throw Pillow – Studio McGee

Snug Sweater

Cropped Alpaca Wool Blend Sweater

Chic Horse Bit Detail Leather Gloves

AGNELLE Embellished leather gloves

Timeless Cushion

Lynwood Square Cube Light Brown – Studio McGee

Furry Accessories

Fur Convertible Shoulder Bag
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Follow along as we wrap up our final design presentation for one of our full furnishings projects.  Never complete without dogs and coffee, of course. 😉

This presentation has been one of my favorites to work on so far. It is a reflection of all our recommendations after a “deep-dive” into what our clients dream for their space. After our first conceptual presentation we gather all materials, furnishings, decor and styling accents to showcase their space as we see best. The reactions from our clients is why we do what we do…  when they see their newly furnished space for the first time and the photorealistic renderings come to life, it is pretty dang rewarding. At this point, we have thought through all aspects of how they want to live and feel in their new room. When a client says, “wow, you nailed it… this is so us” we know we have done our job. 🥰

There’s something pretty magical about seeing all the elements come together, transforming a concept into a tangible reality is not only rewarding, but exciting.

If you are looking to refresh a space with new furnishings and accents- please reach out and we can explain in more detail what it looks like to work with us. ❤️