Spring Musings: Styling a Transitional Easter Spread

This Easter is bringing a twist for our family – a delightful blend of bittersweet moments and exciting plans. With spring breaks overlapping, our middle child is jetting off with college pals, while our oldest is venturing to the Windy City, Chicago. As for us parents, we’re facilitating a cross-country move with our youngest joining us as well! Amidst this chaos, Easter’s aura persists, albeit in a different way. While we won’t be all together under one roof on Easter Sunday, I’m still dreaming of a festive brunch and all the fun traditions that come with it. 

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Keep reading as we unravel the first part of our three-part spring series, full of inspo for versatile and timeless table settings and recipes fit for any occasion. 

Setting the Scene: Inspiration

When it comes to crafting the perfect spring table setting, Anthropologie hits the spot. Though their vibrant colors and playful patterns scream springtime, I lean towards a more neutral, earthy vibe. Yet, I sprinkle in pops of color with versatile, timeless pieces — and you can too! It’s all about practicality – why invest in overly festive items for a single day of use? Anthropologie’s array of transitional pieces allows you to mix and match for various occasions or events. This year, with our Easter plans askew, I’m all about infusing subtle spring vibes into my dining space. Let’s elevate that finishing touch with effortless style. 

If we were to be around this Easter, here’s what I would buy to decorate my table and to use all throughout spring. I’d definitely snag some of these gorgeous glazed dinnerware pieces in a lovely lilac hue. They’re so charmingly unique with their slight variations, perfect for adding an earthy, organic vibe to any meal. And, let’s not forget the matching lilac linen napkins — a must-have to add a touch of softness. To amp up the texture, those scalloped edge woven rattan chargers would be perfect, providing a delightful backdrop for the feast. As for the tablecloth, why not go all out with either a plaid or floral design? It instantly adds elegance and a nice pop of pattern.

Now, let’s talk glasses … specifically colored glasses. I’m swooning over these dusty pink ones; they’re pretty but incredibly versatile for any occasion beyond Easter. And to pour those refreshing drinks, this etched pitcher is simply perfect. It’s all about adding little touches to make every gathering feel special this spring, don’t you think? You can shop all these items and more at the bottom of this page!


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Make and Bake — Favorite Spring Cake Recipe

Introducing our star recipe: Lemon Thyme Olive Oil Cake. This cake is a breath of fresh air, so irresistibly delicious that it keeps you coming back for more day after day. This cake is going to be my go-to treat for spring – whether it’s for brunch or dessert, it always steals the show. 

I’ve combined two recipes. This is something I love to do because then I can get it exactly how I want it. In this case, I got the recipe for the Lemon Thyme Olive Oil Cake from @boxwoodavenue and the double cream frosting from @supergoldenbakes. Mixing and matching is my secret for creating the ultimate delights. I love frosting, so by slicing the cake in half and adding a generous layer of the cream frosting, it adds a bit of sweetness and creaminess … which is always a yes in my book!

Clouz Houz Tip: For this cake, I decided to kick it up a notch by dehydrating lemons for that extra rustic flair. 2 lemons, thinly and evenly sliced into ¼″ slices (approx 3mm). I used Meyers lemons and sprinkled Trader Joe’s Raw cane sugar on top. Pop those lemon slices in the air fryer at 170 degrees for 5 hours, and voila! Hassle-free lemon garnish perfection. 

Tradition Throwback

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While we won’t be indulging in our annual tradition of dyeing eggs naturally this Easter, I still wanted to reminisce about the beauty it brought to our tables and celebrations last year. If you’re curious to learn more about the process, I encourage you to check out last year’s Easter blog post where I explain the dyeing process. From the vibrant hues created by simple ingredients to the fun-filled memories made with loved ones, it’s such a fun activity and experiment!


As we wrap up Part One of our spring series kickoff, I just want to wish each of you a happy Easter and cheers to the upcoming spring season! Whether you’re enjoying a traditional brunch with loved ones or are embarking on new adventures, I hope this post has helped to inspire. Check back Thursday for all my go-to fashion Spring Essentials.

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