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Living Room: How We Layered Textures and Patterns


Creating a cozy and inviting space requires layering with textures, patterns and materials. We knew we wanted to create a space where it would be easy to spend time relaxing and lounging. We spend the majority of our time in this room — hanging with family, watching TV, reading and entertaining! 

We’d definitely recommend keeping a simple palette for your larger furniture items. In our case, we used linen and ivory as base colors for the sofa and chaise. Then we added the lounge chairs with black wool cushions for some contrast, and a dark stone-topped coffee table which compliments the color of the dark shiplap wall. 

Once the foundation is set, add layers with pillows, throws, live plants, and lighting. What you get is a carefully curated look of coziness! Check out these items if you’d like a similar look in your own home You can also use the exact items we used to create this space!



I like the larger pieces of furniture, such as a sofa or a daybed (my personal favorite), to be in a neutral fabric. This way, you can mix and match with other materials and textures, whether it's accent furniture, pillows, rugs or artwork. Think of it like it's the foundation of a house! If I could get a new sofa, I would choose one with a slipcover. I love this option because it's easier to clean, which makes the most sense with two dogs and our lifestyle here in Bend. The more relaxed and easy, the better!
Linen Slipcovered 96″ Sofa


The daybed is one of our favorite places to lounge in our living room! It's kind of hot property for relaxing and watching TV since it's basically like having a bed in your living room. And yet, when we are entertaining, it works perfectly as a second sofa. We had it covered in a beautiful boucle that gives the piece more texture, and is super soft for taking a nap. Although the one I own is custom, I found this one to be similar in look and feel. This profile in the "Sand Chunky Boucle Fabric" is GORGeous!
Shelter Daybed


These chairs are so beautiful! They have a rush woven seat and back that gives them that extra something. And, if you have to see the backs (like you do in our space from the kitchen), they are pretty, rather than just another upholstered surface. Highly recommend. I think it's important, when designing a space, to have some accent furniture with texture, wood or contrasting fabric. I had the cushions covered in a black wool which is soft to the touch and adds contrast to the space.
Teak Chair with Woven Back

Coffee Table

A dark stone-top table will ground any space, especially if you are keeping the upholstery light and airy. I love this one, and it's a great size too! Another trick: if you need an even bigger table, just place two of these side by side for a dramatic look! It's all about having room for a cocktail and cocktail books! You'll notice I use books to style my coffee table ... I love the feel books bring to any space. So, go big on your coffee table to make room for some of your favorites!
Maxie Modern Coffee Table


Add texture to your space by mixing patterns. I like to choose two or three colors, and then various patterns in those colors. Think large patterns to complement with smaller ones. For instance, a wide stripe looks great with a small print. And don't forget to add a couple that are just solid, but in a different texture -- like faux fur or flannel!
Akriti Ash Pillow


A vintage rug will add so much character to a space! It's one of a kind, and I love that NO ONE else will have the same rug. They are pricey, but I'm telling you, you will own them forever!! I have invested in several for our home and they make each and every space special. This one has rich deep blues and grays which complement the palette of fabrics beautifully, while bringing depth to the space.
Chloe Vintage Rug – 8’2″ x 11’8″


I use poufs in almost every living room space I design. They are ideal for that extra seating you might need it. Or, use them to kick up your feet! These are soooo cute and you can't beat the price. They now come in various fabrics too. I recently saw them in the ivory shearling, and now I'm trying to find a home for them here ... but I'm a sucker for anything in a ticking stripe and still love these!
Ticking Stripe Cube
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