The June Edit: Embrace the Season of Sun

Ah, June — the first official month of summer here in Bend, Oregon. It’s incredible how quickly the a season can change; just a month ago, we were still experiencing snowfall in Bend. But now, we’ve made it! These are the months when I feel as though my designer spirit is truly thriving. The trees and bushes are full of life, the air is warm, and the sunshine gives everyone such a happy glow 😊 I find myself far more motivated during the summer months to make the most of the good weather and family time (when we can). I’ve discovered that romanticizing the simplest things in life has really helped me appreciate the beauty in my day-to-day experiences.

Speaking of simple pleasures, this month’s edit is all about that. As a huge hater of branded packaging and someone who dislikes when household essentials stick out like a sore thumb, I’ve rounded up a variety of basic home products that often go overlooked. These items are ones that fit the aesthetic of being a bit more elevated and all-natural. 

For instance, this wooden broom feels like it’s straight from my great-grandma’s cottage with its classic bristles. Items like printed napkins and coasters are items you can always have on display without feeling like they take away from the effortless vibe. Not to mention, I’m totally loving this candle sconce. Items like these are so charming and can make a space feel more dramatic by adding a candlelit factor.

I love that now you can find products with both an old and new look. But, something about a vintage treasure is just unbeatable. Before I give away too much, let’s dive into some fun new trends that have been popping up more recently on our Pinterest feed and in our designs!

Color Drenching: One Color for Your Walls, Ceiling, and Trim

This is one of my favorite design trends: color drenching. The technique involves using a single color for your walls, ceiling and trim, creating a monochromatic effect where a single hue is “drenched” across all surfaces in a room.

Source: Pinterest

Why Color Drenching Works

  • Opens Up Space
  • Takes Your Eye Away from Corners
  • Spotlights Your Furniture
  • Creates a Comfy Cocooning Effect

Many people think that color drenching will be overkill or too boring, but that’s far from the truth. When I color drench a room, I love to play around with the paint’s finish, mixing satin and eggshell across different textures—like wood or plaster—to create greater visual interest. This approach prevents the space from feeling flat, and adds layers of subtle contrast and depth. It also acts as a great backdrop for your furniture and really makes it all pop!

Color Drenching in the Tumalo Project

We’ve incorporated the color drenching technique in several rooms of our Tumalo project, and I’m thrilled to share how it has turned out. In particular, we’ve used it in the rumpus room, the den/snug, and the bed nooks.

Rumpus Room

For the rumpus room, we chose Benjamin Moore’s “Black Fox.” This dark, rich color, combined with our existing stained wood ceiling, creates an all-encompassing moody effect. The combination of dark walls and ceiling envelops the space, making it feel intimate and cozy, perfect for a room that’s designed for relaxation and fun.


In this room, we opted for a shade from Farrow & Ball, Salon Drab. We used this at our last home in the primary bedroom and I loved how cozy and moody it created the space. As the old addage goes, don’t fix what isn’t broken!  Opposed to our last home, I went all in and decided to paint the ceiling because I wanted to really embrace the coziness in this small space.

Designer Tip: I learned the hard way with this color, we color matched with a Benjamin Moore paint and their version of Satin in this color was just too shiny for my liking so we ended up painting over with a flat finish. I love the rustic quality it gives the space.

Bed Nooks

We have two sleeping nooks, and each has its own unique color. One is painted a soothing green, and the other a cozy gray-brown. These small spaces truly shine with color drenching, making them feel incredibly inviting. Despite their size, the light colors we chose keep them from feeling cramped. However, I also use darker hues in small rooms to create a more intimate atmosphere. It really depends on your personal vibe!

Designer tip: If you want to make your room appear larger, steer clear of dark hues like navy or deep brown, as they can make a space feel smaller. Lighter colors will help make it feel more expansive. But, if coziness is your goal, don’t hesitate to go dark, even in a small room. It all comes down to what makes you feel most at home.

What I’m Wearing This Month 

As we enter the summer season, I’m all about those easy-going styles to get me through long, hot days. I found a new sundress to add to my arsenal, and I love the fit — it’s not hugging too tight, and feels extremely breathable. Plus, in a win for the girls, this dress has pockets! There’s nothing better than a cute, functional dress that makes you feel put together without sacrificing comfort.

I’ll also be pulling out my swimsuits from the deep depths of my drawers, and one-pieces are going to be my jam all summer long. I love the security they offer, and honestly, the styles have just gotten so much better! This eyelet one is basically an outfit with its ruffle and floral detailing. It’s chic, stylish, and perfect for lounging by the pool or hitting the beach.

And lastly, micro bags are the biggest trend of all this season. If you see me with this mini Longchamp and you’re curious about what’s inside … mind your business (because chances are it’s just my credit card and a lip gloss 😉). Some may think it’s impractical, but fashionistas know it’s a chic statement. It’s perfect for summer, and definitely a trend I can get behind.

How I’ll Be Accessorizing This Season

This season, I’m all about accessorizing with pieces that bring a touch of intricate, organic charm to my home. One of my favorites is a beautifully crafted teak cutting board that creates a stunning, organic-inspired foundation for both entertaining and décor. It’s not just a functional piece, but also a gorgeous display item that adds character to any kitchen.

I’m also loving hand-painted dishes. They’re perfect for holding jewelry on a nightstand, or next to your bathroom sink. These little dishes add a pop of color and artistic flair to otherwise simple spaces, making everyday routines feel a bit more special.

To mix up my couch pillow lineup, I’m incorporating some funky pillows. They add a fresh, playful touch to your living room and are an easy way to update the look without a complete overhaul. And, when it comes to hosting, I’m all about using brass goblets etched with floral designs. They are perfect for summer gatherings, and add a touch of elegance and whimsy to any table setting.



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Join us behind the scenes as we bring our projects to life, this time with the amazing @susie.wright, fashion blogger, So Susie. The energy was incredible, and we couldn’t resist wrapping up the day with some sips and snacks at @amaterrawines. 

So grateful to do what we love and to create stunning spaces for incredible people.

Life is short. Make it beautiful
Today marks our 27th year wedding anniversary. 11 homes, 3 kids, and countless adventures. No matter where we go, my home is always with you. Can’t wait to see what the next 27 holds.
Two years later. Two years of blood, sweat and tears. Two years of Derrick asking me to come to a decision and me changing my mind two more times thereafter. This project surprised us in so many ways. The biggest one being that it has turned into our home. 

Every time we design a space, we think about how our clients want to live in it. We strive to make each and every room a reflection of them and their lifestyle. 

That is our one intention. 

And for this small but mighty kitchen, we had to do the same for ourselves…the heart of every home. For us it’s a where we have dreamed of cooking together and unwinding after a long day. Preparing and enjoying our first meal is surreal…. seeing the fruits of our labor and extensive planning come together in a beautiful way. This is our ultimate desire for each room we design. 🤍

Life is Short. Make it Beautiful.