How to Style Your Coffee Table with Ease

A question I hear a lot is, “What should I put on my coffee table?” Well, here’s the deal: it’s all about what you like and how you use your space. Are you more into decorations, or do you prefer practical stuff you use every day? Maybe you’re all about games, books, or candles. Your coffee table is where the action happens – where people gather, chat, and relax. It’s your chance to let your style shine and maybe even start some cool conversations. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, but I’ll give you the lowdown Clouz Houz style – simple, chill, and totally inviting! So, let’s get into it and spruce up that coffee table, shall we?

Design: Clouz Houz | Photography: Zee Wendell


Source: Studio McGee


Source: Heidi Caillier

How to Style a Round Coffee Table

Alright, let’s break down how to style a round coffee table in a super simple way.

STEP 01:

Display items in a triangle, with three key areas to style.

STEP 02:

Pick something tall for one corner, like a vase with branches or flowers. It adds height and interest.

STEP 03:

In another corner, go for something lower, like a stack of books or a decorative box. It balances out the tall item.

STEP 04: 

In third corner, add a personal touch. Maybe a small sculpture or decorative objects that reflects your personality. Get creative!

Now, about those round tables – they’re cozy, right? With no sharp edges, they create a more intimate atmosphere in your living space. But because of those curves, you’ve got to be smart about how you style your table to ensure it looks balanced and cohesive.  By following this triangle approach, you’ll create a stylish and balanced look for your round coffee table. Easy, right? Now, let’s move on to styling a square one.

Source: Heidi Caillier
Design: Clouz Houz | Photography: Zee Wendell

How to Style a Square Coffee Table

Square tables are fantastic because they offer a more structured and defined look to your living space. Plus, they provide ample surface area for styling and functionality.

Pro tip: Here’s a trick I learned while styling a large scale square table in our old house — treat it like a grid. Imagine dividing your table into quadrants, creating designated spaces for each item you want to showcase.

STEP 01:

In one quadrant, you might place a stack of your favorite design books. They not only add visual interest, but also serve as a conversation starter for guests.

STEP 02:

Leave some empty space. This allows for flexibility and prevents overcrowding, giving your table a clean and balanced look. You can reserve this spot for a standout piece, whether it’s an architectural sculpture, a crystal accent, or a vase filled with fresh flowers from your garden.

The beauty of styling a square coffee table lies in its versatility. You have the freedom to play around with different arrangements and create a look that suits your personal style and aesthetic preferences.

Design: Clouz Houz | Photography: Zee Wendell

And hey, speaking of books, why not consider adding a new roundup of some of our favorites to your collection? They’re not only great for styling your table, but also offer endless inspiration and ideas for your home décor projects.

  1. The Garden Book
  2. Morning Noon Night: A Way of Living by Soho House
  3. John Derian Picture Book
  4. Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style
  5. This is Home: The Art of Simple Living

We hope you found these tips on how to style your coffee table both helpful and inspirational. Of course, if you have questions or need some ideas, we’re always here to help. And remember — have fun with it!


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