The November Edit: Moody, mysterious vibes

Welcome to the November Edit: Moody, Mysterious Vibes. We’ll give you a peek into our seasonal favorites and what’s sparking our inspiration this month. As the year winds down, we’re not hitting pause; in fact, we’re in full-on design mode, prepping spaces to feel like a big, warm bear hug for the holidays and the snug winter ahead. 

Month At A Glance

Here at Clouz Houz, we’re diving into those moody, mysterious vibes: think deep paint colors turning rooms into total mood boards, and touchable textures that make you wanna snuggle up everywhere you turn. But, this whole obsession isn’t just at home; it’s creeping into our style game too. We’re taking those comfy home feels and turning them into the most stylin’ outfits. Winter has taken full force in Bend, I cannot leave my home without seeing my breath these days!

Oh, and let’s not forget the Tumalo project – it’s our jam right now. We’re getting ready to move in and making tons of calls about kitchen setups and bedroom jazz-ups. We’re also creating the ultimate hangout spot in the rumpus room. There’s so much decision-making it’s almost funny, but hey, we’re loving every minute!

So, hang tight as we juggle making dreamy spaces, curating stylish outfits, and making a gazillion choices for the Tumalo project. It’s a whirlwind of creativity and style, and you’re invited to join the fun! Here’s to mixing design, fashion, and all those cozy, homey vibes that inspire our motto: “Life is Short. Make it Beautiful.” 

Color Me Moody

Have you ever wanted your walls to look like they’re whispering secrets? Enter the paint color Atelier Espresso Limewash! If walls could talk, they would be saying “I woke up like this” – effortlessly chic with a dash of rustic charm. However, it’s not just paint; these are true vibes. Limewash walls are stealing the spotlight this season, and for good reason. The beauty of lies in its ability to create depth and texture, adding character that’s hard to achieve with regular paint. 

We’re experimenting with limewash in a few select rooms at Tumalo. Can’t wait to see how this finish enhances the rustic mountain vibe, bringing a touch of organic charm to our space. Stay tuned for the transformation!

Lately, my go-to has been all about incorporating hints of chocolate brown into décor, whether it’s through accents, drapery, or even vintage finds. It’s truly the color of the month for setting the mood. 


The Rising Trend of Bows in Homes and Fashion


You know that feeling when your outfit has that perfect little detail that says, “I’m fancy but approachable”? That’s the bow trend for you! Whether it’s this sweater with a lace neckline and a bow that hints at subtle elegance, or a Loeffler Randall pleated clutch that’s all “festive vibes only,” bows are the holiday season’s gift to fashion. 

“Hold Me Closer” Sweater

But, bows aren’t just for your wardrobe! I’ve loved seeing bows adorning Christmas trees, wrapped around wreaths or jazzing up candle holders. Anything to achieve that sophisticated cozy look. It’s like your décor decided to put on its party best! We have something fun planned for incorporating bows into our holiday décor this year, and I cannot wait to share the final look with you 🎀

Clouz Houz Tip: When embracing the bow trend, opt for double-sided satin ribbon. While it might be a tad pricier, the payoff is worth it! The luxurious flow of fabric coupled with the glossy finish on both sides adds that extra touch of elegance to your bows, making them truly standout.


Fuzzy Feels

Winter? More like snuggle season! Say hello to all things furry and fabulous. Talk about a chic snow bunny moment – this oversized fur coat has all the right details. Its duffle coat closures and leather trim accent add a touch of playful contrast to the coziness. 

“Fur-Effect Coat”


Sheepskin fur blankets are not only stylish but remarkably soft. The natural curl of the fur is great for adding rustic charm vibes to your cozy cabin retreat, or to any space where you want to infuse a lodge-like feel. 

Mongolian Sheepskin Throw

These pieces don’t just keep you warm; they are a statement for the winter season!


Vintage Vibes on the Rocks

Source: Bespokeonly on Instagram

Hosting a holiday shindig? Time to break out the vintage etched crystal glasses. These beauties are the secret to making your table setting pop without any added effort. Style them atop a luxurious linen tablecloth for some timeless class. It’s so simple yet so elegant – the perfect way to elevate your hosting game. 

Reflection on What We Are Grateful For

Reflecting on 2023 brings a whirlwind of gratitude and excitement. The Tumalo house stands as our canvas, a home that’s not just another project but a manifestation of our style, reflecting our family’s essence. It’s a journey we’re incredibly grateful for, creating a space that resonates with us now while laying the foundation for its future role in another family’s story. The question pops up often–will it be for sale? Well, the answer is yes, eventually. The timing, however, dances to its tune, tied to a variety of factors. For now, it’s our creative playground. 











Speaking of creativity, our clients have been the stars of our year! From styling projects that weave dreams into reality to renovations that bring new life into spaces, and furnishing projects that infuse soul into every corner–we’ve been on a crazy adventure. It’s been a joyous year collaborating with remarkable clients, each project leaving a fingerprint on our design journey.

Looking forward, 2024 is already buzzing with excitement. We’ve got two projects simmering in the pot. The anticipation grows as we prepare to dive into these new chapters, each promising its own set of thrills and challenges that we are ready to take on.

Our team is the heartbeat of our venture. Welcoming Kaylei at the onset of 2023 and now embracing Emma’s talent in steering our social media and blog, it has been a year of growth and camaraderie. Together, we’ve bonded on how to bring life into our vision, making every step delightful. 

And then there’s Bend – our little haven of a community and our beloved home! From Hot Box Betty to Jack and Millie, Borgo Rosati to Wild Petals Provisions, these local gems aren’t just businesses; they’re part of our story. They’ve woven themselves into our routine, adding a touch of magic to our daily rhythm. I have so much appreciation for these local small businesses and love to watch them flourish. 

Here’s to the blend of creativity, collaboration, and the heartwarming charm of Bend that makes every day a beautiful adventure. Remember life is short … make it beautiful! 🌟

Moon Boot Snow Boots
Matte Velvet Curtain
Hold Me Closer Sweater
Alice Wood Stool
Vekki Sham
Vekki Bedspread
Pleated Frame Clutch with Bow
Pure Linen Rectangular Tablecloth
Tall Lantern Taper Holder
Mongolian Brown Sheepskin Fur Throw Blanket
Hand Blown Flower Wine Glasses
Glazed Porcelain Brown Vase
Fur-Effect Coat
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Follow along as we wrap up our final design presentation for one of our full furnishings projects.  Never complete without dogs and coffee, of course. 😉

This presentation has been one of my favorites to work on so far. It is a reflection of all our recommendations after a “deep-dive” into what our clients dream for their space. After our first conceptual presentation we gather all materials, furnishings, decor and styling accents to showcase their space as we see best. The reactions from our clients is why we do what we do…  when they see their newly furnished space for the first time and the photorealistic renderings come to life, it is pretty dang rewarding. At this point, we have thought through all aspects of how they want to live and feel in their new room. When a client says, “wow, you nailed it… this is so us” we know we have done our job. 🥰

There’s something pretty magical about seeing all the elements come together, transforming a concept into a tangible reality is not only rewarding, but exciting.

If you are looking to refresh a space with new furnishings and accents- please reach out and we can explain in more detail what it looks like to work with us. ❤️