The March Edit: Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring! It’s that time again … the March Edit is here, and boy, are we excited to share our latest finds and inspirations with you!

As we wave goodbye to winter and say hello to the magic of a new season, there’s an incredible sense of renewal in the air. It’s like the whole world is emerging from hibernation, and we’re all ready to stretch our legs and soak up that sunshine! Everything’s blooming right now, and we’re all about finding those perfect pieces to freshen up your space and style. We seriously love the thrill of the hunt for inspiring pieces, and sharing our finds with you is like the cherry on top!

Our March picks

With spring around the corner, we totally get that itch to switch things up. That’s why our picks this month are all about easy ways to give your home and wardrobe a little refresh — think effortless vibes all around. From cute décor to comfy clothes, we’ve got you covered.

Source: Paloma Contreras Design

For me, this transition feels even more refreshing than New Year’s Day. There’s something about that first warm breeze and the sight of flowers blooming that just fills me with this fresh burst of energy. Can you relate?

So, what’s on our radar this month? With days getting longer and the sun shining brighter, we’re all about embracing nature and the great outdoors. Lush greens, silver shimmering dew, and a whole lot of neutrals to keep things balanced. It’s like bringing a little slice of serenity to our everyday lives.

From cozy textures to earthy wood tones, our curated selection of products embodies that perfect harmony between tranquility and style. Whether you’re looking to refresh your space or treat yourself to something special, we’ve got you covered.

So, here’s to embracing the magic of March and all the beauty that comes with it. Are you ready to get outside and soak up the goodness of spring? Because we sure are!


Color of the Month: Farrow & Ball “Hay”

Picture a creamy, dusty yellow that exudes all the softness of early spring. We recently used this hue in our guest bath up at the Tumalo Ranch, and I’m loving it! What I like most about it is its subtle sophistication. It’s less intense than a bright pop of yellow, and has just the right amount of green undertones to give it a grounded, established feel. This color evokes a sense of peace, making any space feel muted and inviting. So, if you’re looking to infuse your home with a touch of springtime charm, consider incorporating “Hay” into your color palette.


What we are wearing these days

  1. ReNew Long Liner Coat: Lightweight, packable, and cozy quilted design. perfect for transitional weather. 
  2. Flat–Brimmed Straw Hat: Adds a touch of spring to any outfit while saving you from bedhead woes!
  3. Isabel Marant Crossbody Fanny Pack: Hands-free convenience with suede and silver accents for effortless style. 
Source: Isabel Marant

Furniture Staples

We recently incorporated a round dining table into a client’s space, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. This white table is the epitome of versatility and is like a “welcome” into the room. Whether you’re using it in a cozy breakfast nook, a functional piece in your office, or even as a stylish game table, it fits seamlessly into any setting.

Source: Serena and Lily

Vintage vibes meet rustic charm with this pendant. The iron frame paired with a natural linen shade is chef’s kiss in my book. This is the ultimate statement lighting for any home as its scale is ideal for those open and lofty rooms that need filling. 

I can’t leave out this stunning cane nightstand. With its traditional silhouette and handwoven rattan caning, this piece adds a touch of texture and contrast to any bedroom. Finished in a dark ebony wood, it stands out beautifully and brings a lived-in feel to your space. 

Source: Laurel Bern

And last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about this pleated sofa. Sleek, modern and oh-so-playful, this sofa is all about embracing the light vibes of the season. Imagine yourself sinking into its plush cushions with a good book or cup of morning coffee, basking in the warm glow of the sunlight streaming through your windows. Welcome to true relaxation.

Source: Oyster Creek Studios

Welcome to Must-Have Accent Décor!

If you’re like me and love collecting coffee table books, these acrylic stands are an absolute game-changer. What’s the point of having all those beautiful books  if they’re not on display for everyone to admire? Try leaving them open on the table for guests to flip through and enjoy. 

Source: Muriel Brandolini

Now, let’s talk about this genius rug hack. It comes in standard sizes, but here’s the kicker — you can buy additional squares to easily sew into the rug. Then, you can create a larger area rug or customize it to fit your space perfectly. It’s no wonder this rug has seemingly gone viral on my Pinterest feed — it’s a stunning accent piece that ties the whole room together. 

Next up, we have a wicker vase. Talk about extraordinary! These one-of-a-kind pieces bring warmth and texture to any room, and they’re the perfect way to showcase your favorite blooms. 

Source: Pinterest

And, who can resist antique silverware? A springtime essential for entertaining! There’s something so special about setting the table everyday and having it feel like the setting is straight from great grandma’s collection. It’s like stepping into a chic French restaurant and adding elegance to every meal.

Elevate your cakes and other sweet treats with a marble top cake stand featuring an adjustable brass base. Again, we used this for a project and it adds such a special touch to your countertops. It’s the perfect balance of vintage and modern functionality for your kitchen. 


Spring is the perfect time to refresh our spaces, and we’re all ready to welcome its energy. Browse all of these versatile pieces below — we hope you enjoy our selections. Here’s to embracing the beauty of March and all the possibilities it brings.

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