The 5 Elements of Our Signature Style

Ever wonder what makes the magic happen at Clouz Houz? Well, I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing the secrets to our signature style. Over the years, our aesthetic has taken a few twists and turns, but these four factors are the ride-or-die essentials that consistently elevate and are prominent in our designs. So, grab a cup of your favorite coffee and join me as I explain the “why” behind our work!

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Aging Gracefully: Embracing Living Finishes in Design

Don’t be afraid to let your space age gracefully, just like a fine wine. We’re head over heels for unlacquered brass, and copper or bronze. They’re our go-to materials for that perfect patina that only gets better with time. 

Sure, you can clean them up and restore them to their original glory, but we’re all about letting them do their thing. It gives your accents a sort of vibe that is just irreplicable. Embrace the beauty of life’s imperfections and let them shine in their own way!

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From door hardware to lighting fixtures, and even those little accents in décor, living finishes are the unsung heroes that bring a layered look and undeniable charm to our projects. So, next time you’re eyeing that gleaming brass faucet or considering cabinet hardware, don’t shy away – let it age like a pro! It can become your own signature look.


Playful Harmony: Unleashing the Art of Pattern Play

In our playbook, more is definitely more! I’ve never been one to turn away from mixing patterns. In fact, I believe a room truly comes to life with at least two different patterns on textiles like pillows or furniture. But why stop there? Make a bold statement with vintage rugs, or infuse patterns into larger furniture items. It’s the secret to injecting loads of personality into our spaces. 

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While solids and neutrals have their time and place, patterns with a signature pop of color are our absolute favorites. Lately, I’m swooning over florals – they’re like a breath of fresh air for any room … literally! 

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Curious about my current favorites? Check out my roundup at the very end!


Embrace Nature Through Natural Materials

I’m a firm believer in the power of materials straight from Mother Nature herself: think natural stone, real wood, and the cozy charm of wool carpet. These aren’t just design choices; they really set a space apart in terms of quality and feel. 

Source: Clouz Houz

Sure, natural stone might etch over time. But let me tell you, the look and quality of real marble, quartzite, and granite are unmatched for that luxe and layered vibe. Sorry, man-made materials – you’ve got some tough competition. 

Source: Clouz Houz

I get it — low-maintenance materials have their appeal. But, if you’re open to the beauty of natural materials, I’ll shout it from the rooftops – real and natural materials are the MVPs! 


Blending Traditional Charm with Modern Edge

It’s all about that eclectic edge: a room with soul is born when you throw tradition and contemporary into the design blender. Picture a vintage piece stealing the show in a sea of sleek and modern elements. There’s a lot of beauty in the unexpected mix that just warms my design-loving heart. 

Source: Clouz Houz

Take a dining space, for instance – pairing an old table with contemporary dining chairs adds a layer of intrigue that a matchy-matchy set can’t quite achieve. It’s the collision of eras that makes the space not just interesting, but downright charming. 

Source: Lauren Liess

And, let’s talk textiles! Who says a current contemporary chair can’t cozy up with a vintage-inspired floral pattern? It’s the eclectic twist that turns a simple piece into a conversation starter. 


Textural Elegance

Texture is the true element that transforms any space from flat to fab! In my opinion, rattan, textured finishes on furniture, and the warm embrace of mohair mixed with linen are game-changers. It’s all about that sweet sweet dance of materials – think rattan or wicker cozying up with marble for that perfect blend of textures. 

Source: Clouz Houz

Why stick to just one texture when you can create a harmonious blend of different feels? Mix materials with varying textures, and voilà – true bliss! It’s that layering effect that adds depth and richness, making your space feel special and sensational. 

Source: Clouz Houz

Clouz Houz tip: All linen or all velvet? It can feel blah sometimes. But blend them together, and it will truly elevate your whole space and take it to the next level. 


In the world of design, it’s not just about trends; it’s about understanding what a room desires to be and embracing its purpose. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each space is tells a unique story that mirrors our clients’ dreams and the narrative of their home.

Our Signature Style

As we spill the secrets behind our signature style, we invite you to take a closer glimpse into the heart behind our work.

These elements aren’t just design principles for us; they’re the core values that guide our projects, infusing each space with soul and character.

Curious to see more of this in action? Check out the handpicked items below that speak to each element. For a more immersive experience, follow along on our Instagram and Pinterest

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