The February Edit: A Delightful Roundup

Welcome to The February Edit! We’re diving into our current sources of inspiration and everything that’s caught our fancy this month. In this roundup, we’re sharing wardrobe staples and some home furniture and décor pieces that embody our February vibes.

Here in Oregon, February isn’t quite ready to let go of winter’s grasp. We’ve been bundled up, experiencing a serious cold snap. It seems like we always get that one snowstorm each month! But, as much as I love spring, I also love cozy weekends by the fire. Have you read “Wintering” by Katherine May? It’s on my nightstand … I tend to read like three books at a time, and it’s one of my faves this month. It’s all about the winter months and how they’re meant for hibernating and resting. Such a good read — highly recommend. 

Amidst this chilly weather, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy with our first pop-up event at Hot Box Betty and a ton of client work. And not to mention, getting down to business up at Tumalo to get us all moved in! Our days have been a whirlwind of productivity, and in the middle of this hustle, we thought, why not give you a glimpse into our month?

So, whether you’re outside enjoying the brisk winter chill or soaking in the cozy warmth indoors, this February edit has a little something for everyone. Let’s explore what’s making our February extra special this year!

Wallpaper of the Month

We’re shaking things up a bit. Instead of our usual color of the month, we’re diving headfirst into the world of wallpapers that have been capturing our hearts. After coming across numerous stunning options, the itch to wallpaper something … anything … has become irresistible! 

Our current wallpaper crush is “Voyage” by Arte, and let me tell you, it’s a showstopper. The magenta variant, in particular, has us swooning. Named aptly, each detail in this wallpaper takes you on a visual journey, and with Persian influence, every nuance demands attention. I would use this in a dressing room, powder bathroom or even in a cozy den.

February Fabric of the Month

In our latest obsession, we stumbled upon a textile brand that’s been occupying our thoughts day in and day out. The fabric in question, “Pichu” in Charcoal 09, is nothing short of breathtaking. We initially ordered custom pillows featuring other prints from this line at our recent pop-up event, and they’ve become the talk of the town. 

This fabric draws inspiration from traditional designs of the Kuki tribe in Northeast India, presenting a beautiful large-scale pattern that exudes boldness. It’s a one-of-a-kind textile that adds a unique flair to any space.

Here’s a little secret we can’t keep to ourselves: I might just be incorporating this fabric into the Tumalo house, and trust me, the result is going to be amazing! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of the transformation as we get further along.


Fringe Napkin

A must-have for your next gathering, these napkins strike the perfect balance between elevated and casual. I’m obsessed with the rustic vibes they bring, featuring a subtle fringed edge and delicate grid pattern. Great for special occasions or your everyday meals. I love having that elevated dining experience no matter the occasion.
Claire Fringe Napkin

Upholstered Bar Stool

These stools come in a luscious walnut finish, showcasing tapered legs that effortlessly blend vintage-modern aesthetics. The acorn-colored seat wrap adds a touch of warmth, creating a modern interpretation of a timeless silhouette. I’m a sucker for blending contemporary details with traditional bases, and this piece does it flawlessly. Sweet sweet juxtaposition of sleek and modern lines.
Lauren Bar & Counter Stool

Pearl Earrings

Nothing says “supermodel vibes” quite like these pearl earrings! Elevate your look with oversized gold-plated brass discs adorned with chic shell drops. It's fresh, effortless, and oh-so-fashionable for the season. Throw these on, and voila! Your entire outfit is transformed, and they are the perfect statement to your style story.
Rodan Pearl Earrings

Serving Set

Don’t miss out on this must-have brass serving set – currently on sale, so act fast! These beauties boast refined details with playful functionality, making them a standout addition to your kitchen arsenal. The handle detailing is an absolute showstopper, adding a touch of elegance to your table setting or kitchen décor. For someone who’s always on the lookout for chic kitchen accessories, these are sooo good.
Xavier Serving Set

Blackened Brass Wall Light

A stunning lighting addition for those looking for a modern fix. Handmade from start to finish, this unique design is a versatile gem, finding its perfect place in a dining or living room. It could also add a unique touch to your bathroom décor. The sleek blackened brass finish adds a touch of sophistication, making it a statement piece that blends contemporary style with charm.
Blackened Brass Wall Lighting

Distressed Chest

This beauty is a timeless piece that adds character to any space. Hand-carved from teak, it gives an authentic charm, naturally distressed by time to create that special, lived-in look. The fact that it's currently on sale makes it even more irresistible. I’m particularly drawn to pieces like this. They're versatile and statement-making, and capable of standing on their own in any corner of your home.
Conrad Hall Chest

Knitted Jumper

Indulge in the cozy charm of this knitted jumper -- a perfect blend of dainty openwork details and a cable-knit finish. This piece is true, understated elegance, making it versatile enough for any outfit. Wearing it gives off that cool, elegant vibe, making it a staple this month! I plan to throw this on with off-white jeans ... because an all-white outfit in winter feels so chic.
Knitted jumper with openwork details

Body Oil

For those winter skin cravings, enter this body oil – my personal saving grace. It’s the perfect solution for skin that’s begging for moisture during the colder months. This lightweight elixir works wonders, keeping you moisturized all day long. And, it’ll keep you smelling delightful. I'm obsessed!
Monastery Made Lapiz Matte Body Oil

Etched Fluted Vase

A perfect vessel to showcase your favorite stems, or simply stand alone as a striking décor piece on shelves. I’ve been living for finds like this! They add something to any space that mass-produced items are unable to achieve. So, whether it’s filled with your favorite stems or just riding solo, its versatility elevates your home with eclectic charm.
Etched Clear Glass Fluted Vase

Western Denim Overshirt

A classic with a cool, contemporary twist. The intentional distressing adds that vintage edge, making it an instant favorite. I might sound like a broken record with my denim on denim "Canadian Tuxedo" obsession. But seriously, it’s the epitome of easy-to-wear coolness. Whether layered or worn on its own, it's a staple for amping up your style this season.
MOTHER The Western Cotton Denim Overshirt

Chestnut Leather Armchair

I adore this chestnut leather armchair with its retro charm, featuring clever buttoned details and elegantly shaped arms. Its unique design truly stands out, making it a perfect addition to an open space plan. The classic aesthetics of this chair bring a touch of sophistication to any living area.
Otis Armchair, Chestnut Leather
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