Rustic Ceramic Dinner Plate
Tottenham Taper Holder
Classic Rocks Drinking Glass
The Jane Dining Chair
Checkerboard Hand-Knotted Wool Rug
Duzy Handmade Irregular Linen Lamp
Vintage Etched Tumblers
Secret Garden Dinner Plate
Nonna Dining Chair
Nunez Hand-Knotted Wool Rug
Barrel Back Cane Dining Armchair
Calne Dining Table
Thonet Style Chair
Topa Topa Dining Table
Adair Hand-Knotted Rug
Clovis Chandelier
Faith Dining Chair
Etched Crystal Cocktail Glasses
Tilda Chandelier
The Bedford Dining Table
Melville Hand-Knotted Wool Rug
Preserved Wildflower Bouquet
Claire Fringe Napkin
Gilda Oval Dining Table

How to Match a Dining Table with the Right Chairs

When it comes to crafting the perfect dining space, here at Clouz Houz our approach…
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Shoot days are some of our favorite days! 

Join us behind the scenes as we bring our projects to life, this time with the amazing @susie.wright, fashion blogger, So Susie. The energy was incredible, and we couldn’t resist wrapping up the day with some sips and snacks at @amaterrawines. 

So grateful to do what we love and to create stunning spaces for incredible people.

Life is short. Make it beautiful
Today marks our 27th year wedding anniversary. 11 homes, 3 kids, and countless adventures. No matter where we go, my home is always with you. Can’t wait to see what the next 27 holds.
Two years later. Two years of blood, sweat and tears. Two years of Derrick asking me to come to a decision and me changing my mind two more times thereafter. This project surprised us in so many ways. The biggest one being that it has turned into our home. 

Every time we design a space, we think about how our clients want to live in it. We strive to make each and every room a reflection of them and their lifestyle. 

That is our one intention. 

And for this small but mighty kitchen, we had to do the same for ourselves…the heart of every home. For us it’s a where we have dreamed of cooking together and unwinding after a long day. Preparing and enjoying our first meal is surreal…. seeing the fruits of our labor and extensive planning come together in a beautiful way. This is our ultimate desire for each room we design. 🤍

Life is Short. Make it Beautiful.