How to Match a Dining Table with the Right Chairs

When it comes to crafting the perfect dining space, here at Clouz Houz our approach is to create a curated mix of old-meets-new. Picture vintage chairs paired with a sleep modern table, or the flip side, a classic vintage table that has found its match with contemporary chairs. You can even go full-on modern with your furniture and throw in some vintage china or, my latest obsession, beautifully etched crystal that channels nostalgic vibes. 

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It’s key to tune into how you’ll actually use the space. Some are all about the formal vibes, reserved for special occasions and entertaining. Or, there are those everyday dining champs, where the table sees action daily. When chatting with clients, the big question is: where’s the preferred dining hotspot? Believe it or not, many folks spill the beans – they’re more kitchen island loungers. 

Let’s take a peek at the Fall Creek Look house playbook. Our dining room there was also a dynamic duo – part office, part dining room. During the day we transformed the table into desk mode for the work grind, then back into a dining table when guests came to play in the evenings. The versatility game is strong!

Time to unveil the style lineup: presenting “The Ojai Cottage,” “The New York Loft,” “The Bozeman Ranch,” and “The Sun Valley Chalet.” Why the names? Blame it on my wanderlust kicking in – dreaming of travel vibes to beat these winter blues. These looks are more than just names … and you don’t need to live in New York for that loft look! It’s all about the mood you crave for your space. Each one rocks its own personality. 

The Ojai Cottage

First up on the design journey – The Ojai Cottage, inspired by that dreamy California escape. Let’s dive into the details. This dining table from House of Leon steals the spotlight with its solid black chestnut wood, cylindrical legs, and a touch of Scandinavian chic. Big shoutout to House of Leon – a recent discovery and total love affair! Match it with a Thonet style chair. The contrasting elements of the simply rounded edges of the table harmonize with the original design of the bistro chairs. And I love picking tones in wood finishes to complement, but not matchy, matchy.

Now, for that illuminating touch, this rustic and aged iron pendant casts the perfect glow. I catch myself using McGee and Co. more and more lately for rugs — they have a really great selection of vintage rugs. Although this one isn’t vintage, I absolutely love it. Its colors and pattern are perfect for that old-world aesthetic. I highly recommend  hand-knotted wool if you can work it into your budget.

Clouz Houz tip: If you have a 90-inch long table, aim for at least two feet on either end for the rug to extend. You don’t want to catch your chair on the edge – it’s a scooching nightmare! Here’s the golden rule: never skimp on rug size under the table. Going small is a big no-no — it’ll look silly and throw the whole proportion game. So, always give yourself plenty of room to play with. Your dining room will thank you for the extra breathing space!

Accessories like a taper holder and vintage etched tumbler glasses add the final finesse. 

The New York Loft

A nod to urban elegance, this table is a masterpiece in simplicity with solid ash wood and delicate craftsmanship. Pair with a seat exuding sophistication with barrel back cane armchairs at the head – beech wood frames and woven rattan seats for that traditional allure. In between, embrace mid-century vibes with another style of beech wood chairs and woven seats with a glossy finish. For example, I love the look of separate host and hostess chairs (depending on the room). I’m really big into these cane chairs, I think it’s such a classic look when furniture makers incorporate these backings into a modern profile! And remember, picking out tones of finishes can complement and add contrast… here we use different profiles for the chairs, but in similar finishes with the black and natural cane back/rush seats. 

Set the mood with a stunning chandelier – I think this piece is so unique with its black stain-washed wood “candlesticks” with iron arms. While lighting isn’t the main purpose of this post, it matters big time! In a dining room, you want to have the option of a dimmable glow. It’s key for creating a cozy ambiance. Ground this chic setup with a checkerboard rug from the Sarah Sherman Samuel collaboration – a monochromatic black and white. And oh, the accessories! Try these porcelain dinner plates with a blooming motif straight from Japan; a curated fusion of urban charm and artistic flair. 

The Bozeman Ranch

Time to saddle up for a rustic rendezvous with a touch of refinement! Gather around this oval dining table; its curved legs invite minimalist décor with a refined tone. Pull up these dining chairs, also from House of Leon, inspired by European countryside charm. Solid white oak, woven jute seats, and a warm finish make it a cozy yet elegant seating affair. Light up the ranch with this irregularly shaped linen lamp. Underfoot, a trusty McGee and Co. rug, introducing a geometric pattern with a neutral color scheme, adding crisp design to the overall rustic charm. Raise a toast with cocktail glasses reminiscent of English antique markets. Cheers! 

The Sun Valley Chalet

A journey into timeless design inspired by nature. This dining table is a chunky heirloom from British Pippy oak. With lots of character from its organic knots, it recreates the rustic settings of a farmhouse – a piece built to last generations. Take a seat on chairs with playful contours and covered in olive green velvet for a longer-worth allure. One thing I’d like to mention is if there are kids in the house, consider the many great performance grade fabrics that help with spills and stains. These chairs are made with just that, so a huge bonus for those with young ones! I would also like to recommend an alternative: try a leather seat and a fabric back if you don’t want to commit to allover fabric.

Lastly, this woven, wicker bowl-shaped chandelier blends organic warmth with contemporary design. I thought these Match pewter glasses were a great touch of celebration for the setting. While classic in their design, they’re standout pieces that add another natural element to the table setting. 

It’s important to let your space tell its own story. Hopefully these tips will help you with your next dining room adventure. Cheers to designing spaces that resonate with your soul!

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