Spring Refresh: 8 Easy Pieces for your Home

Spring is the perfect time to breathe new life into your home with a simple refresh. Just like nature, our homes deserve a little renewal too! As bulbs bloom and nature wakes up from hibernation, I love treating my home with the same rejuvenation — don’t you? With just a few tweaks here and there, any space can feel revitalized and ready for the season. These are the tips and tricks I use and share with clients when we talk about styling. It’s all about those little details that can truly transform a space and give it a fresh perspective. And remember, you don’t need to break the bank on new furniture to make a space feel special.

Textile Updates

Revitalize your home with simple textile updates! Think pillows, throw blankets, quilts for beds, or even tablecloths for your kitchen and dining table. These small changes can make a big impact with minimal effort. Try discovering new patterned quilts that you can switch out seasonally, like this charming twill bedcover I stumbled upon. A bedroom refresh feels so good!

Source: Cultiver

As for your dining area, explore the variety of beautiful tablecloth options – they can instantly elevate your space for everyday use. And let’s not forget about pillows – they’re like magic for sprucing up your bed and sofas. This might be the simplest way to switch things out seasonally, and there are some very cost effective options to be discovered. Just a few new patterns or textures can completely transform the vibe of a room. 


Lighting Refresh

Whether it’s adding a new table lamp, incorporating a sleek floor lamp, or switching out an overhead fixture, lighting can truly transform the ambiance of your home. And, if you’ve been following along with the blog, you know how passionate I am about the power of lighting! It’s not just about functionality – it’s about creating a cozy and elevated atmosphere that brings joy every time you step in the room. I’m all about creating lived-in and intentional spaces, so any chance I can incorporate unique and vintage-inspired lighting, I’ll take it. This season was made to illuminate your space with warmth and charm.

Source: Anthropologie


Accent Furniture

Accentuate your space with unique accent furniture! Ever considered how a simple addition like a side/coffee table in a new finish or color, or a vintage chair or stool tucked in a corner can completely alter the vibe of a room? Of course, let’s not overlook the underestimated power of furniture rearrangement. While Derrick might not always be thrilled about it (sorry, Derrick!), it’s undeniably a game-changer. Repurposing furniture for new uses in different rooms adds a touch of excitement and creativity to your space. So, think outside the box, and turn that console table into a desk. Or, move that chaise from the living room to the foot of your bed. Trust me, with a little exploration and innovative thinking, you’ll find endless ways to give your home a breath of fresh air without a huge shopping spree.

Source: Anthropologie


Table Setting Simplicity

There’s something truly special about setting the table – it’s the anticipation of gatherings, conversations, and delicious food shared with loved ones. While it may not drastically transform the feel of your space, this little refresh brings a sense of joy and warmth that’s hard to replicate. My recommendation here is to invest in pretty new plates, serveware, or glassware. Those little touches that bring you happiness will undoubtedly elevate your gathering. Plus, even the most basic meals feel extraordinary and romantic when served on special pieces! Picture a rattan pitcher filled with refreshing drinks, a ceramic taper holder to set the mood, and scallop embroidered placemats adding a touch of flirty elegance to your table. It’s these small details that turn everyday moments into cherished memories. 

Source: Jenni Kayne


Each of these small changes has the power to breathe new life into our spaces and most importantly, brings us joy. So, let’s embrace the beauty of transformation and make our homes a reflection of warmth, creativity, and endless possibilities. After all, it’s the moments shared within these walls that truly make a house a home. Cheers to a season of renewal and endless inspiration!

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