PART ONE: My Secret to Creating a High-End Aesthetic

I’m often asked about my secret for crafting a luxurious aesthetic in interior design, but without breaking the bank. It’s a common misconception that you need a fat wallet for a high-end look. Well, good news — you don’t! Clients regularly task me with delivering that elevated, chic vibe, but here’s the kicker: it’s not about splurging on every piece. Trust me, there’s an art to balancing where to splurge and where to save. If you stick with me, I’ll spill my secrets on achieving that designer, bougie style without drowning your budget.

Alright, buckle up for the first few game-changers to elevate your space! No need for a total overhaul! Just sprinkle in some of these touches, and watch your room undergo a Pinterest-worthy transformation. Stay tuned next week for Part 2, where I’ll unveil the remaining trio. Now let’s get started on creating that picture-perfect vibe!


Elevate the Aesthetic with Window Magic

Source: Kate Marker Interiors

Let’s talk game-changer number one: Window Coverings. Don’t sleep on the impact of this underrated element! Whether you opt for custom or explore online resources, the key is reaching for the stars – go high with those panels. Hang them close to the ceiling or on a ceiling track to add height and a touch of grandeur. Trust me, the transformation is real! Check out some examples where the rod meets the ceiling-wall junction. We also included some of our favorite window covering options that really level up your space: faux linen pinch pleat semi sheer curtains and custom pleated color blocked drapery panels.

Speaking of window coverings, let’s talk wall treatments for a second. It’s crucial to divert from sheetrock walls in order to elevate a space. Embrace alternatives such as wallpaper, wood paneling, tile, plaster, and more. These materials not only transcend the ordinary, but also redefine the ambiance, allowing you to really show off your personal style.

Source: Nickey Kehoe on Instagram

Invest Wisely in Upholstery Elegance to Achieve your Desired Aesthetic

Source: Kristen Panitch interiors


I get it — the world of upholstered furniture can be overwhelming. Clients often wonder why they should splurge here. Well, my answer is simple: if you go for a bench-made piece in the U.S. (meaning crafted by a single artisan from start to finish, not an assembly line creation), the investment will pay off. A well-built sofa with performance-grade fabric, custom fills of down and alternative fill will be a timeless piece that can last you a lifetime. Splurge on craftsmanship, opt for a classic profile, and rest assured it will compliment your style wherever life takes you. Get ready to make a statement with your furniture game!

Source: Max Rollitt

Illuminate with Thoughtful Fixtures

Source: Yond Interiors

I’ve been steering away from the abyss of recessed can lighting, and embracing the allure of overhead fixtures instead. Imagine this: wall sconces gracefully highlighting artwork, or strategically placed for that extra touch of ambiance. It’s the subtle accents that work wonders for a space. When planning your room, seek out chances to incorporate decorative lighting. Trust me, it adds intention and thoughtfulness, far surpassing the “swiss cheese” effect of a ceiling full of can lighting. 


In Part One of our journey to unlock the secrets of a high-end aesthetic without a budget blowout, we’ve explored the power of window coverings, wall treatments, the enduring charm of well-crafted upholstered pieces, and the transformative magic of lighting fixtures. But, this is just the beginning! Stay tuned for Part Two, where I’ll uncover the remaining elements that will have your space feeling fresh and elevated. Ready to take your design game to the next level? Join me next week for more insider tips and tricks!

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