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How We Transformed this Cabin for the Holidays

Getting into the Christmas spirit often begins with thoughts of twinkling lights, fragrant pine, and the joy of decking the halls. Whether you’re diving head first into decorating or simply laying out all the possibilities, join us for an exclusive tour through the cozy, rustic wonderland of @CabinRancho72. It’s all dolled up for our holiday giveaway! 

When it comes to decorating your space, it’s all about letting your personal style shine through. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ in holiday decorating; it’s about infusing your unique touch into every corner. We’ll be sharing some tips and tricks that have helped us bring our festive vision to life, ones that can easily spruce up any home regardless of its style. And in our opinion, embracing your home’s style is key. We’ve sprinkled in winter mountain vibes, festive touches, and a whole lot of warmth to make it feel just like home sweet home. But don’t worry, these tips are versatile enough to sprinkle a bit of holiday magic into any space. So, keep reading as we offer links to buy everything we used to style this cabin for the holiday season!

Now, about colors – let’s chat! As someone whose holiday palette has gone through its own evolution (from the classic green and red to a mix of chocolate brown, ivory, and forest green), I can vouch for the power of sticking to a color scheme. Starting with a simple color base, then adding complimentary tones that flow throughout your home ties everything together. So, whether you’re a traditionalist or a bit more eclectic in your color choices, the key is to embrace those shades and let them flow cohesively and naturally. 

Christmas Mantle Magic

The mantle is like the centerpiece of holiday décor – it sets the tone for the whole room. To nail that cozy, rustic feel, it’s all about the trifecta: stockings, greenery, and other décor items like these hanging bells. Now, let’s talk Christmas stockings: opting for unique, patterned, or textured ones can truly elevate the vibe. We stumbled upon these vintage treasures on Etsy, and they fit the cabin aesthetic like a glove. Finding those special pieces adds that eclectic touch that makes your mantle pop with personality. 

Clouz Houz tip: When it comes to faux greenery, the secret’s in the fluff! You’ve got to work those branches to make them look as natural as possible. Pull, bend, and adjust your garland or wreath to give it that full, lush appearance. By adding some sprigs of real greenery here and there, you’ll get a beautiful, realistic-looking, full garland.

Feeling extra festive? Go all out with the garland! Sometimes, one just won’t cut it. Don’t hesitate to layer multiple garlands to achieve that luxurious, full look along the mantle. It’s all about creating visual abundance that screams fake luxury. If you don’t have a mantle to work with, no worries! Think outside the box – consider utilizing other horizontal spaces, like a console table or shelves flanking your fireplace. It’s about making the most of what you’ve got to spread Christmas cheer throughout your space. 


Coffee Table Talk – Chic Simplicity, Always

Bringing the outdoors in is a key move when it comes to coffee table décor. A vase filled with your favorite sprigs or branches, or a bowl adorned with pomegranates or pears instantly adds that natural touch. Our secret? Mixing different types of greenery, playing with varying thickness and textures, to break up the visual monotony and infuse depth into the setting. 

Remember, let’s not overcrowd the table … it’s the hotspot for treats and snacks during gatherings, after all! So, keep it simple yet stylish. A couple of well-chosen books, candles, and small decorative pieces (like a magnifying glass) are all you need. 


Transforming Your Christmas Tree with Glowing Accents

When it comes to tree décor, we like to stick to simple with a dash of standout style. This year, we chose to drench the tree in playful copper tinsel. And when I say drench, I mean DRENCH!! Not only did it make the tree literally glow, but it also filled in the spaces, providing that WOW factor. This trick also left us without the hassle of needing to store loads of ornaments post-holiday. To enhance the sparkle, we sprinkled in white paper snowflake ornaments, adding that extra pop of luminosity.

Of course, what’s a tree without lights? String lights are a must, ensuring that your tree shines bright. This creates a cozy vibe in any space. I’m all about the brilliance of white lights; they truly make the tree come alive! However, string lights can be such a pain to keep from getting tangled. This pre-lit faux Christmas tree that we used up at the cabin was a gem to assemble.  

Now, forget the conventional tree skirt and opt for something different! A vintage planter or basket not only elevates your tree but also adds height and space for Santa’s surprises. Last year, we used a chic tree collar that elevated our décor game. This year, we got creative with a wicker basket, placing the tree snugly inside. World Market has an endless variety of baskets which are perfect for this concept!

Clouz Houz tip: Let your gift wrapping harmonize with your space’s color palette. Stick to one solid paper and one patterned, perhaps a festive plaid or stripes, paired with coordinating ribbon colors. Double-sided satin ribbon elevates the entire presentation of these presents we wrapped for the shoot, especially when paired with rustic papers like deep green butcher paper and a red satin ribbon. Classic, yet oh-so elegant. 


Elevating Your Space with Art, Greenery, and Cozy Comforts

Elevate your space with art — it’s the magical touch that can warm up a winter cabin. It’s not about size or cost; simply framing small prints and scattering them strategically around your home does wonders. These little artworks infuse that wintery charm, creating the perfect cabin vibe. The one we sourced is a vintage Slim Aarons print, which was a bit of a splurge from a local shop Borgo Rosati. To up the coziness, infuse a touch of sparkle into your greenery. These are by far some of the best quality faux wreaths I’ve every come across. All from Terrain, and they come in varying sizes. We also ran the same pre-lit faux garland all the way up the stairs. Trust me, those twinkling lights will instantly add warmth to your space. Add a cluster of hanging iron bells to give the scene some charm and you’re good to go!

Now, onto the essentials for those snug moments by the fireplace: the fluffiest blankets! There’s nothing quite like curling up with a soft throw during those holiday movie nights. Layer in a couple of these snug essentials to keep you and your guests warm and toasty. 


Elevate Your Table Game

No need to go searching for all new tableware to achieve this rustic feel. It’s all about subtle shifts from your tried and true décor, so consider purchasing just one new item. These charming rustic winter setting plates from Pottery Barn will spruce things up! Also, these sheepskin throws are essential for layering even more texture. Stick with your classic china, silverware and linen napkins for those special occasions, and your trusted water goblets to maintain that touch of familiarity and tradition. 

Now, let’s talk about ambiance! Frame the scene with elegant candle holders that cast a warm glow across your table. And, here’s a pro-tip for a stunning centerpiece: gather natural and organic materials right from your backyard. Pinecones, evergreen sprigs, or even dried berries can effortlessly come together to create a centerpiece that exudes rustic charm and festive spirit. If I don’t emphasize this enough, it’s all about embracing nature’s beauty to add that touch of cabin elegance to your table. 


Effortless Kitchen Chic: Keeping the Heart of Your Home Party-Ready

In the midst of all the holiday hustle, we’ve cracked the code for a clutter-free yet festive kitchen. Behold, the hot cocoa station – a seasonal staple that adds warmth to the chilly days. We found the cutest jars over at Boxwood Avenue for storing hot cocoa mix (use code ClouzHouz for 10% off site wide)! Decorative mugs standing at the ready, surrounded by these modern and petite chestnut trees perched on shelves. They bring that touch of Christmas magic without gobbling up precious counter space. And, I’m in love with this taper holder for a more old-school feel.

Here’s the genius part – it’s all about smart décor that seamlessly blends into your day-to-day routine. This setup utilizes cabinets and shelves to their fullest potential, ensuring both tidiness and a festive touch. If you’re trying to maximize space in a tight kitchen, baskets filled with seasonal fruits – think clove-studded oranges and maybe some apples – pull double duty as decorations and aroma enhancers. Trust me, your home will smell fresh and look festive! 

A kitchen counter wouldn’t be properly styled without a sleek dutch oven … the ultimate cherry on top (this one is a Le Creuset dupe from Target)! Perfect for simmering a seasonal potpourri.


Seasonal Shelf Styling

If I haven’t said it enough … greenery!! This potted tree was essential for bringing texture into the kitchen, along with these faux cedar stems that I mixed in to fill the gaps. A touch of seasonal elegance only takes a few added elements to transform your everyday décor into a seasonal refresh. Subtle, yet, impactful decorations breathe life into your shelves without overpowering the natural vibes. Picture a lineup of of these candle houses or  miniature cream bottle brush trees – simple, classic, and chic! Embrace the vintage and timeless appeal, steering clear of anything too cliché or overly festive. 


Crafting Cozy Christmas Nooks

Ah, the joy of creating those snug, inviting corners in your home! Whether it’s a comfy seating area or a stylish bar station ready to shake up some festive cocktails, the canvas for adding a holiday flair knows no bounds. 

Let’s start with your seating — transform those chairs or couches with the addition of seasonal pillows. These super soft bouclé shams are such a good deal! These subtle accents instantly infuse the space with warmth, making it inviting everyone to sink in and enjoy. 

Now, onto the bar cart – the hub of holiday cheer. Here, the magic of the season meets mixology mastery. Picture this: a stylish bar cart adorned with an array of your favorite holiday mixers. Add a touch of sophistication with leather or wood accents to your bar tools, shakers, and ice buckets. Mix in a couple micro spruce trees (these are so adorable) which act as a nice backdrop with their ceramic pots. Lastly, drape this adorable tea towel with skiers over the arm of your bar cart to give it a fun twist. Trust me, there’s a magnetic pull when it comes to the wine and bubbly corner during a Christmas party; it’s the heart of social gatherings. 

As we wrap up our holiday decorating adventure at the cabin, we’re thrilled at how this cozy haven has transformed into a winter sanctuary. We hope you guys love the final look as much as we do! And a huge shoutout to Zee Wendell Photography for capturing all the beautiful moments this day.

Here’s to celebrating the holidays in style and spreading that merry feeling. Thanks for following along! 

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This presentation has been one of my favorites to work on so far. It is a reflection of all our recommendations after a “deep-dive” into what our clients dream for their space. After our first conceptual presentation we gather all materials, furnishings, decor and styling accents to showcase their space as we see best. The reactions from our clients is why we do what we do…  when they see their newly furnished space for the first time and the photorealistic renderings come to life, it is pretty dang rewarding. At this point, we have thought through all aspects of how they want to live and feel in their new room. When a client says, “wow, you nailed it… this is so us” we know we have done our job. 🥰

There’s something pretty magical about seeing all the elements come together, transforming a concept into a tangible reality is not only rewarding, but exciting.

If you are looking to refresh a space with new furnishings and accents- please reach out and we can explain in more detail what it looks like to work with us. ❤️