How To Make Your Home Uniquely You

When we design for our clients, our approach is deeply rooted in intentionality. Based in Bend, Oregon, we offer many nationwide services personalized to your needs and varying design styles. Understanding how you, our dear clients, navigate your daily routines helps us tailor each element of your home to be both functional and reflective of your individuality. Thoughtful design choices not only enhance the aesthetic appeal, but also ensure that every corner of your living space serves a purpose.

As designers, we believe that a home should be more than just a collection of furniture and décor — it should tell a story. It’s about infusing the essence of those who live there into every design decision. From the layout that facilitates seamless movement to colors that evoke emotion, our goal is to craft environments that feel like an extension of our clients’ identities.

Design: Clouz Houz | Photographer: Zee Wendell

Elevate Your Walls: Personalize with Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a design feature we absolutely adore for their ability to infuse personality into any space. Mixing artwork, prints, and cherished treasures allows us to create visually captivating displays that reflect our clients’ unique tastes and experiences. 

Whether it’s integrating pieces collected during travels, heirlooms passed down through generations, thrifted finds, or personal mementos, each item adds layers to the narrative of our designs. Embracing variety in sizes, frames, and textures enables us to craft gallery walls that feel curated and deeply personal. Let your walls tell the story of who you are and what matters most — a true reflection of your journey and passions.

Refined Detail Work in Your Home

Detail work like trim, molding, and shiplap is where we get really excited as designers. Shiplap, in particular, holds a special place in our hearts. It fits perfectly into farmhouse vibes, and it can give a sleek modern home a touch of rustic charm. Its clean, classic lines bring sophistication to any space while keeping it cozy and inviting. 

What’s truly magical about shiplap is how effortlessly it adds personality and character. Whether we’re creating a stunning accent wall or transforming an entire room, shiplap brings that crisp, timeless charm.

Design: Clouz Houz
Source: DeVOL

Embracing Wood Ceilings for Warmth and Richness

Wood ceilings are a total game-changer for adding warmth and richness to a room. Unlike walls and floors that get all the attention, ceilings often get overlooked. But let me tell you, a wood ceiling can take your space from basic to beautiful in no time. It’s like bringing a piece of nature indoors, with those natural knots and textures that make you feel instantly cozy.

Think about it — instead of just slapping on a coat of paint, why not go for wood beams, paneling, or shiplap? These materials not only add a touch of rustic charm, but also bring in that earthy vibe that makes a room feel so inviting. Plus, they draw your eye upward, showcasing the architectural beauty of your home’s highest points.

Source: Pinterest

Would You Like Artistic Bathroom Cabinets in Your Home?

Well, imagine scalloped vanities that add a touch of whimsy, or antique dressers repurposed with sleek marble countertops. Opt for a cabinet/vanity that makes a statement! 

Personally, I’m inspired by French history when it comes to bathroom aesthetics — think elegant curves, intricate details, and a touch of vintage charm. Embrace organic shapes and materials to bring a sense of natural beauty into your bathroom.

Below is some cool cabinet inspiration that I hope you’ll see more of in 2024!

Source: @kelseyleighdesignco
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

As we look ahead to 2024, let’s continue to prioritize design choices that are timeless yet personal. We can celebrate the beauty of craftsmanship and the joy of living in spaces that inspire us every day! Because when your home reflects your style, it becomes more than just a place to live — it becomes a sanctuary filled with memories and meaning. 🤍

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Come take a stroll through our cozy living spaces that have been transformed with thoughtful furnishings. From the kitchen to the dining and living area, every corner reflects the way we live and the love we have for hosting and gathering with friends and family.

Our dining area is all about creating memories. We opted for banquette seating that not only saves space, but invites everyone to gather ‘round for a meal filled with laughter and love.

The living room is small but mighty. Defined by an area rug and a mix of cozy seating—including a well-made sofa from @mosshome and timeless vintage chairs I scored on Facebook Marketplace—it’s the perfect spot for unwinding, reading, or catching up with loved ones.

At Clouz Houz, we believe in turning a house into a warm, welcoming home. Our furnishings aren’t just pieces; they’re part of our story, creating spaces that reflect our lifestyle and values.

Life is short. Make it Beautiful!
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