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Creating an Eclectic and Curated Gallery Wall


Creating an Eclectic and Curated Gallery Wall


I’ve been obsessing over beautiful gallery walls lately … I love the vibe they create! There’s something about a carefully curated collection of artwork and/or prints that resonates with the homeowner — it makes it that much more special. There are many ways you can install such gallery, like a “row” pattern where photos are stacked in rows together. In fact, I love this for a family photo gallery wall running up a staircase, like seen here in Kylie Jenner’s home. However, my favorite way to display artwork is the way we installed it in our powder bath! I balanced pair of prints with larger singular pieces so there is some “pattern,” but overall it is actually quite random. And, I think it’s fun to add something three dimensional, like the antler mount.

Clouz Houz Tip: Combine some pieces that are matted and others that are not. The mix makes for a more curated look, rather than just purchased and put together all at once! And for that matter, mix it up with the frames as well. They don’t all have to match, but do choose a consistent theme — maybe it’s wood and metal. Or, select different styles of frames, like some ornate and some more modern (I found some nice ones at Target).

Gallery walls in unexpected places, like a bathroom or kitchen, are sooo cool. They give the space personality without feeling contrived. Look at the kitchen below … if you don’t have any upper cabinetry or a window over your sink, what a fun way to finish out the space with something like beautiful artwork! Also, note the interesting mix of framed and unframed artwork — it looks more personal this way.

Image: Lauren Liess


Here is some more inspiration that I’m LOVING. Hopefully it will get your creative juices flowing if you are considering trying this in your own home. All of these are equally intriguing and gorgeous in their own right. The options are endless on what you collect and how you install it!

Image: Lee Stanton


Image: Making It In The Mountains
Source: Chris Loves Julia

Shop below for some of the same pieces I used for our gallery wall. And, I’ve added some that are on my wish list! Aside from the online vendors like Juniper Print Shop (who I personally think has some of the more beautiful replications out there), you can also find great vintage pieces on Etsy, Chairish and even Facebook Marketplace. Most importantly, have fun with it!





Oak Park Print

I love the subtle quality yet drama this piece brought to the bathroom! The artist describes it as a neutral without having to commit to too much color. She painted the piece based on the original of beautiful grove of oak trees. I absolutely adore this piece, and framed it in a very traditional and vintage- inspired frame.
Oak Park print

Botanical I & II

The graphic quality of these otherwise organic prints is so crisp and beautiful! The artist was inspired by woodblock prints when creating them. They come in a pair, and I used both Botanical I and II and framed them in my favorite inexpensive frames. I loved mixing pieces to get the juxtaposition of graphic and modern with traditional and vintage.
Botanical I print

Flight Print

This reproduction is simply gorgeous. The founder of Juniper Print Shop, Jenny Komenda, collected this piece from a bookstore in NYC. She reproduced it in a beautiful warm background. I ordered all my prints on paper, and have to say the quality is superb! I love the ease of this print. The large amount of space surrounding the bird is a nice way for your eyes to rest when creating a gallery wall!
Flight Print

Modern Frame with Mat

For the price, this frame is a nice look and is easy to install in many different styles of homes. I like to add a clean and modern frame to any space, it gives it a fresh and current vibe no matter the aesthetic.
Modern Metal Frame

Vintage Inspired Frame

These frames can be built to any size. If you know you know: framing for a custom piece can be very expensive! I'm quite impressed with the quality of these frames for the price. And, if you want something vintage inspired, the look is really, really good!
Vintage Inspired Frame

Original Lady Portrait

I found this Ukrainian artist on Etsy, and I'm hooked! Her portraits are timeless, and the colors are spot on. This isn't the exact piece I purchased, since each is an original and one-of-a-kind, but I'm kind of coveting this one now too. I love the pink, and could see it in a powder bath for a pop of color. Incorporating some original pieces is so worth it! They are a splurge, but you can find really beautiful original artwork like this on Etsy with many vendors.
Original Portrait Art
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