Savor the Season: A Summer Meal Recipe Roundup

Savoring the Meal (and Moment) End of Summer + Fall Recipes

Savor the Season: A Summer Meal Recipe Roundup

Hey there, fellow sun-worshippers and endless summer enthusiasts! Can you believe it? The days are getting shorter, the nights a tad cooler, and the trees are hinting at the warm hues of autumn. But hey, before you start mourning the end of summer, we’ve got a little secret to share with you: it’s not over until we say it’s over! Let’s savor every moment! That’s right, we’re all about stretching those warm, carefree vibes for as long as humanly possible.

We recently conducted a poll over on our Instagram, and guess what? You, our fantastic followers, are on the same wavelength! You’re all as reluctant as we are to bid adieu to summer ☀️ Who can blame you? We still want to savor the warm beach days, BBQs, and late-night stargazing sessions. 

So, what’s our game plan for making summer stick around just a bit longer? Well, we’ve whipped up a fabulous roundup of mouthwatering recipes and tablescape inspiration for you. And here’s the kicker – these gems will effortlessly transition you into the cozy embrace of fall while keeping those inviting vibes alive. 


Time to elevate the menu with a cocktail that’s as fun as it is delicious: Bubbly Rose with Halo Fresh Fruit Popsicles! You know what’s better than a glass of sparkling rosé on a warm summer evening? One that’s been kissed by the fruity magic of a Halo popsicle, that’s what! Trust us, this combo is like a party in your mouth, and it’s our go-to for keeping the summer spirit alive. 

Those Halo Fresh Fruit Popsicles, particularly the strawberry and raspberry flavors, are like little blocks of frozen sunshine. They bring a burst of sweet, vibrant flavor to your bubbly rosé that’s impossible to resist. And here’s the double whammy – as those popsicles slowly melt in your glass, they not only infuse your drink with delightful fruitiness, but also keep your drink perfectly chilled. It’s like they’re doing a synchronized dance to make sure your sips stay refreshing from the first to the last drop! How’s that for a summer game-changer?


Let’s kick off our summer-to-fall culinary adventure with something that’s both a feast for the eyes and a lifesaver for the host or hostess with the mostest – a fabulous charcuterie platter! We have to give a shoutout to Wild Petals Provisions in Bend for crafting these beauties. Seriously, they’re so visually stunning that it’s almost a shame to dig in … almost. 😉

Now, here’s the thing: hosting a summer soirée is all fun and games until you’re juggling a gazillion tasks in the kitchen, right? That’s where the genius of outsourcing comes into play. With charcuterie platters like the ones from Wild Petals, you’ll have yourself a showstopper of an appetizer without breaking a sweat. Trust us — your guests will think you’re a wizard! It’s basically a masterpiece in edible form. Plus, it buys you extra time to enjoy your own dinner party (what a concept). The ultimate summer soirée savior!


Let’s dive into a main course that’s a burst of freshness and flavor – the Arugula and Beet Salad with Avocado and Whipped Goat cheese, drizzled in a refreshing Lemon Vinaigrette. Our obsession with this salad started at the Hideout in Waikiki during a memorable vacation. One bite, and we were hooked. Naturally, we couldn’t resist the urge to recreate this delightful dish at home, and we’ve found the perfect recipe online that nails it! 

First things first, the vibrant arugula adds a peppery punch that perfectly complements the earthy sweetness of beets. Throw in some creamy avocado slices, and you’ve got yourself a dream of textures and flavors. But wait, there’s more … whipped goat cheese! It’s tangy, creamy, and the ideal partner in crime for this salad. As you savor each bite, your taste buds will thank you. And, there’s that lemon vinaigrette, a zesty drizzle of sunshine that ties it all together, balancing the richness of the cheese and the sweetness of the beets. 

Main Dish

Here’s a genius idea: pair this salad with an Angel Hair Caprese Pasta. Simplicity meets deliciousness! Perfectly ripe, in-season tomatoes, fragrant basil, fresh mozzarella and angel hair pasta come together in a harmony that screams summer.


And now, for the grand finale of our endless summer feast – Baked Peaches with Ice Cream and Toasted Cinnamon Brioche Crumbs. This dish is an absolute showstopper, and we thank Half Baked Harvest for this masterpiece. It’s like they took all the best things about summer and turned them into one fabulous dessert! 

So, picture this: plump, juicy peaches baked to perfection in the oven, giving them a smokey, sweet flavor that’s downright irresistible. Top that with a scoop of your favorite ice cream, and you’ve got the perfect balance of warm and cool, sweet and creamy. But here’s the catch: the toasted cinnamon brioche crumbs. They add a delightful crunch and warm, comforting hint of cinnamon to every bite. Perfect for that fall transition 😌 It’s the kind of dessert that might even spark a little friendly competition over who gets the last peach. So, as the sun sets on another glorious day, go ahead and indulge. And savor every last bite!

Imagine sitting at your backyard table, enjoying these dishes and basking in the warm evening breeze. It’s like a mini vacation right in your own space, and it’s proof that the endless summer vibe is here to stay. So, grab your shades, kick off your flip-flops (or not, we’re not judging), and join us in savoring every last drop of this endless summer. 

For more inspiration, checkout our Pinterest Board:


Malibu Adventure Guide: California Dreamin’

Hurricane Hilary didn’t stop us … we made the most of our SoCal vacation. We hope you will too for your next visit!


Surfrider Hotel

Come for the views, stay for the views. The rooftop bar at this award-winning hotel boasts a phenomenal lookout over Surfrider Beach. Bask in the California sunshine on their rooftop bar and resturaunt! At the end of the day, we highly recommend you order the chocolate molten cookies with milk, baked to perfection and delivered right to your doorstep (I dreamt in chocolate).

    • Pros
      • Located right across from the Malibu Pier
      • Phenomenal rooftop bar and restaurant overlooking Surfrider Beach for guests ONLY (complimentary Malibu Hour 4-5 PM-Get your refreshing cocktail made to order each day for guests)
      • Luxurious Boutique Hotel. Live in style why don’t ya!
    • Cons
      • None

Seashells are having a major moment, and I hope they’re here to stay. Remember, you don’t have to lean entirely into one design aesthetic … instead, lean into your own style. Ask yourself: what makes you happy? Over the years, I’ve explored several styles, and elements of each combine to define the unconventional layers behind the Clouz Houz brand.

Here are two ways I’m bringing “California Cool” aesthetic back home to the Central Oregon High Desert with me.

  1. Add architectural figures — for example, place faux coral on a stack of books. When styling a space, try to create dimensions. I picked up this faux coral from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago, and have used it time and time again.


2. Entertain often? Grab one of these seashell serving platters. Serving dishes can tell a story and spark conversation around a dinner table. Derrick & I love to cook and entertain, and we take any chance to make a tablescape a little more meaningful!

*Try not to get this stuck in your head: “Sally sells sea shells by the sea shore.” Haha!


Shell Bowl

Marks & Graham Silver Shell Serving Platter


Now, let’s talk food. Turns out our daughter Emma is quite the foodie! She chose these six restaurants, and I would highly recommend ALL of them (don’t forget to make reservations ahead of time).


Be sure to sip on the Mango Passion Fruit Martini (my mouth is watering thinking of this gem). Also: Yellowtail Jalepeño Sashimi. And that’s all! Perfect amount of spice, crunch & savory details. If you don’t get a reservation ahead of time, that should be okay. We arrived when the doors opened and just waited in a short line. Totally worth it!

Malibu Farms

We ate lunch at the restaurant (not the cafe), sitting on sofas right on the pier overlooking the Pacific Ocean while watching the tide roll in — a true “pinch me” moment. I’m proud beyond measure of my first born Emma, and this was a special spot to celebrate her college graduation. Cheers to all the moms with growing babies! There was unbelievably fresh seafood (we devoured the lobster rolls), as well as a street corn chicken salad. By the way, we send out weekly recipes in our exclusive Sunday Subscriber Newsletter. Be sure to subscribe here for a mouthwatering, Malibu-influenced recipe coming to your inbox this week! Of course, we are dessert lovers well … and the famous olive oil cake with maple vanilla ice cream did not disappoint.

The Ivy

We made a pitstop at the West Hollywood location on our way to Malibu. Off the charts brunch stop! Our personal favorite was the chilaquiles. Be SURE to save room for the red velvet cake, it’s a must. We heard this is the spot for a SoCal celebrity sighting, but our luck ran dry … or should I say wet. Really, really wet (thank you Hurricane Hilary)!

Taverna Tony’s (Malibu Country Mart)

Conveniently located near the Surfrider Hotel, you’ll find divine and authentic Greek food. Before dinner was served, they treated us to a whipped feta and garlic/herb dip & sourdough. What a delight! We loved the calamari, accompanied by a refreshingly crisp Mexican Coke. Girl dinner. 😂



What’s your drink of choice: Aperol Spritz or Martini? We’re 50/50 around here.


High Horse Malibu

Of course, we had to check out the horse scene here. Emma grew up riding, and we had a horse named Lily for five years. This was the highlight of our trip to be back in the saddle. We strongly recommend High Horse Malibu for a joy ride through the crest of Latigo Canyon. If you’re a horse lover like we are, you must include this activity on your Malibu itinerary. We recommend going early in the morning to avoid the scorching sun.

The stunning trails traverse rolling hills, wooded canyons and striking rock formations, with sweeping ocean vistas around every corner. We enjoyed the hour and a half private trail ride and the spectacular ocean views. Truly, it felt like we were on top of the world. Core memory! And, our guides were friendly & funny, making this a five-star experience.

From the wildflowers to the greenery to the ocean’s horizon, I also brought home a few color palettes as inspiration. Let’s design something with a little Malibu escape in mind! Any takers?

Pacific Palisades

GORG shopping area just 15 minutes from Malibu. We stopped at a few of our favorites, including Amber Interiors, Serena & Lily, Isabel Marant, Anine Bing, and Diptyque. Not to mention, we paid a visit to Erewhon (buzz is buzzing and the smoothies were delish).

I’m currently swooning over this Shoppe Amber Interiors Malibu Grass Print. Hang this serene landscape over a four poster bed and call it a day, then crawl into your sheets and be whisked away …

Here are a few more pieces I was eyeing and may have brought home with me 😉

Serena & Lily Montrose Napkin

Diptyque FLuer D’Oranger (Orange Blossom) Reed Diffuser 

Anine Bing Tania Boots Modern take on traditional cowboy boots

Point Dume Hike

To wrap up our trip, we took a beautiful hike along the picturesque shoreline on the 1.5 mile out-and-back trail in Point Dume. Tread carefully down the staircase to the beach. The hike back up will be a total calf burner, but it’s worth every ache!

It’s always a pleasure to clear your mind with an ocean breeze. I highly recommend How To Infuse Mindfulness Practices Into Your Everyday Routine — it’ll leave you feeling peaceful and grounded.


Last But Not Least, Let’s Talk Outfits

I found these three affordable outfits on Amazon and accessorized them with a few of my go-to’s. You can shop the Malibu Vacation Edit looks here.


That’s all for now. Check back on my Insta here for the inside scoop on our family vacay, girl’s trip & creative work retreat! Travel always is a time to reflect, replenish and feel inspired by your adventures that await you!

If you find yourself on a dreamy Malibu vacation be sure to share with us all the fun you had ☀️



Allison & Emma


An All-American Holiday … Celebrate the 4th in Style

Opt for Timeless this 4th of July

While there’s nothing more classic than an iconic Fourth of July Tee from Old Navy, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite transitional pieces that are not all about flags and fireworks!

Clouz Houz Tip: Try adding a pop of red! Use accessories like a red bandana or a bold red belt. Then, complete the look with blue and white sneakers, or sandals of course.

Some of our faves, from top to bottom: Highneck pinstriped dress from Dissh, Charley strappy slide sandal from Madewell, Wide Brim Ecuador Hat from Cuyana, Jane in Blue Tortoise Sunnies from Elisa Johnson, CO, red garden flowers and and red stripes from Sezane Paris, Leland Rattan Beverage Tub from Crate & Barrel, Cotton Cocoon Cardigan from Jenny Kayne, Sunday Set of 6 Highball Glasses from Estelle Colored Glass, and Scallop Trim Napkin from Schoolhouse.


Let’s Have a Good Ol’ Fashioned BBQ … or should I say “Mushroom Galette Party”

Each week, I visit the local farmers market in downtown Bend (Brooks Alley), and I cannot resist the buttery, deliciously savory Mushroom Galette. We have grown to love our low maintenance Ooni Pizza Oven, and recently made our lives much easier by investing in the Medium Modular Table which has been perfect for storing all our grill gadgets. That being said, the Ooni Pizza Oven + this Mushroom Galette Recipe is the perfect crowd pleaser. May the 4th be with you! 💥

Check out this yummy recipe here… P.S. Don’t skimp on the freshly grated gruyere cheese!



Recipe By: Jessica-How Sweet Eats


Nautical Vibes: Embrace the maritime-inspired look

There’s nothing more chic than a classic blue and white stripe, whether it’s in your home or within your wardrobe. I’m a mega fan!


Source: Pinterest Unknown
Source: Pinterest Unknown
Source: House Beautiful

Star-Spangled Accessories


If you prefer a more subtle approach, incorporate patriotic accessories into your outfit. For example, wear a white blouse and denim jeans or a skirt. Then, add red, white, and blue accessories, like a star-printed bandana, a flag-inspired tote bag, or patriotic-themed jewelry.




Need a House Warming Gift?

Are you visiting with friends this 4th of July holiday? Need a hostess gift? Well, everyone deserves a monogram moment! There is no such thing as over the top when it comes to finding that special something. I love the idea of a gift that keeps on giving, like this Mark & Graham Classic Cocktail Shaker. BTW friends, I’ll take my martini extra dirty, especially bruised!! 🍸



Max Humphrey showcases color happy, playful and treasured designs. I adore his use of pattern play the most. He recently released his new book, Lodge, featuring photographs of 10 iconic National Park Lodges spanning across the United States. Interior and exterior shots offer a fresh contemporary perspective to our longstanding parks, rooted in history and yummy design. This is the gift to give for this holiday #america! Did I mention that he’s a Portland, Oregon-based designer? We support our own 😌  Check out a few of my favorite projects from Max Humphries below.


Source: Max Humphrey


Source: Max Humphrey
Source: Emily Henderson’s River House, Co-Designer Max Humphrey


Clouz Houz Tip: To achieve a classic and timeless design with playful and fun characteristics, opt for hard materials that have subtle yet whimsical elements. These allow for a touch of personality without going overboard, similar to the style of Max Humphrey. Still need help? Book a free 15 minute consultation with the Clouz Houz Team here. We would love to chat!


And last, but not least … Forever on my Bucket List: A Nantucket Summer

Dune-backed beaches and cedar-shingled buildings surrounded by manicured privets. Lobster rolls, cobblestoned streets and high-end boutiques. What more could you ask for than a seaside escape? Let’s pack our bags and head EAST!



Take care and have FUN this 4th of July! Come back for a light read next week on the Blog 💙


Here’s How We Created a Natural, Organic and Elevated Look for our Primary Suite

Today, I’d like to share a little adventure we embarked upon to give our Primary Suite a natural, organic, and elevated look. If you’re tired of the same old vanilla aesthetics and want to add a touch of earthy elegance to your space, continue reading to learn more about our creative process. Let’s dive into the art of design with a focus on earthy elegance! 


Here are Six Pro-Tips To Get This Look in your Primary Suite


01. Incorporate earthy tones to offset an otherwise white palette. We all know that white is timeless and clean, but sometimes it can feel a bit sterile. So, we decided to introduce a splash of warmth and character with the help of a striking element. This Umi Terracotta Hexagon tile by Bedrosians, set against a pristine white backdrop, made an impactful difference in our Primary Bathroom. Its rich earthy tones and geometric shape were the perfect way to make it feel unique. Bold, but not too bold. This choice achieved the perfect harmony between making a statement and blending seamlessly with the rest of the space. 

02. Embrace the charm of moody paint colors in your Primary Suite. Farrow and Ball’s “Salon Drab” brought a touch of understated elegance and sophistication to our sanctuary. Color, as a powerful tool, sets the mood and establishes the overall ambiance of a room. And, it also speaks volumes about your personal style.

Farrow & Ball “Salon Drab”

03. The timeless allure of wood. From rich mahogany to elegant oak, the possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating the beauty of wood into your space. Whether you’re a fan of patinated finishes or love the charm of mismatched wood, there is much versatility that wood can bring into your home! Remember, it’s about balance. So, embrace the patina and imperfections that come with aged wood – it adds character and tells a story.

We’ve had this armoire in our family for years. I love the richness and warmth it brings to our bedroom! I use it to store our sheets and extra blankets. Armoires can be a great investment for your family because they can be passed down for years to come (two linked below).

04. Curate Your Vintage Artwork. Begin by selecting vintage artwork that resonates with your personal style and evokes a sense of nostalgia. Whether you’re drawn to bold abstracts, delicate landscapes, or quirky illustrations, choose pieces that speak to your heart.

The beauty of vintage artwork


Vintage artwork has a way of adding depth and character to a space, so let your inner curator guide you to finding those gems that will bring joy to your room. Showcase a focal point by choosing a prominent wall in your bedroom on which to showcase your vintage artwork. This wall will become a visual anchor. Then, opt for large scale pieces that capture attention and set the tone for the entire room. For example, I love this set of botanical prints. 

05. Layer with Vintage Rugs. These exquisite pieces have the power to transform a bedroom, adding warmth, texture and a sense of history to your Primary Suite. Whether you opt for Persian, Turkish, Moroccan or any other style, vintage rugs are sure to infuse your bedroom with character and charm. Vintage rugs are like works of art for your floors. They often boast intricate designs, and showcase the impeccable craftsmanship of skilled artisans. The beauty lies not only in their aesthetic appeal but also in the stories they carry.

06. Embrace Eclectic Styling. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different eras, textures and styles. This allows you to create a curated look that tells a unique story and adds personality to your space.

How to achieve eclectic styling in your Primary Suite


One of the keys to achieving this style is to blend elements from various eras. By incorporating vintage artwork and rugs, you can instantly infuse your bedroom with a sense of history and intrigue. Mixing different textures is another essential aspect. Play with contrasts by combining smooth and rough textures. Experiment with materials like wood, metal, glass, and fabric to add depth and visual interest. 

Don’t limit yourself to one particular design aesthetic. Instead, blend styles that resonate with you, creating a personalized and truly unique look. The beauty of eclectic styling is that it allows you to tell your story. This curated look will become a reflection of your passions, interests, and journey!

Lucy and I have some work to do. Which design elements should we take with us to our High Desert Tumalo Ranch Bedroom? Let us know in the comment section below!

Remember, the key to create a natural, organic and elevated look to your primary suite is to curate a collection that resonates with you, creates visual cohesion, and infuses your personal style into every detail. Let the charm of vintage pieces transport you to a bygone era, and create a bedroom retreat that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Design is a multifaceted art that can be expressed in countless ways, and it can be appreciated from various perspectives. The elements of color, texture and shape collaborate harmoniously to create a visual narrative within a home. 


Life is short. Make it Beautiful.

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Shoot days are some of our favorite days! 

Join us behind the scenes as we bring our projects to life, this time with the amazing @susie.wright, fashion blogger, So Susie. The energy was incredible, and we couldn’t resist wrapping up the day with some sips and snacks at @amaterrawines. 

So grateful to do what we love and to create stunning spaces for incredible people.

Life is short. Make it beautiful
Today marks our 27th year wedding anniversary. 11 homes, 3 kids, and countless adventures. No matter where we go, my home is always with you. Can’t wait to see what the next 27 holds.
Two years later. Two years of blood, sweat and tears. Two years of Derrick asking me to come to a decision and me changing my mind two more times thereafter. This project surprised us in so many ways. The biggest one being that it has turned into our home. 

Every time we design a space, we think about how our clients want to live in it. We strive to make each and every room a reflection of them and their lifestyle. 

That is our one intention. 

And for this small but mighty kitchen, we had to do the same for ourselves…the heart of every home. For us it’s a where we have dreamed of cooking together and unwinding after a long day. Preparing and enjoying our first meal is surreal…. seeing the fruits of our labor and extensive planning come together in a beautiful way. This is our ultimate desire for each room we design. 🤍

Life is Short. Make it Beautiful.