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How to Plan an Easy & Impromptu Holiday Party

I used to think that throwing a party was stressful, often experiencing feelings of anxiety and hesitation. Was the house clean? Was it decorated perfectly? What would I serve? How would I create a memorable experience? But honestly, over the years, I’ve learned that you really only need three key ingredients for an unforgettable holiday party — or really any gathering!

Which Key Elements Do You Need to Create a Successful Holiday Party?

Good company, yummy cocktails, a few nibbles, and an amazing playlist!

Truly. People don’t care about the elaborate holiday spread, or the Instagram-worthy holiday setting. Guests really want to come together, laugh, tell stories, reminisce and just enjoy each other’s company. Creating an ambience for an unforgettable holiday party can be fun, impromptu and quite honestly, fun for both you and guests.

Let’s skip the overwhelming expectations and focus on the true essence of celebration. Picture this: a space filled with laughter, friends swaying to good tunes, and the clinking of glasses brimming with delightful cocktails. That’s the heart of a fantastic party, wouldn’t you agree?

This year, let’s redefine the holiday gathering narrative. No need for the typical red-and-green extravaganza; we’re all about embracing the relaxed, the chic, and the effortlessly enjoyable. Because, truth be told, the secret ingredients for a fantastic party are refreshingly simple: flowing cocktails, a killer playlist, and, of course, the company of cherished friends. You can experience the joy of togetherness without the unnecessary fuss. So, join me in unearthing the art of easy-going yet utterly fabulous holiday entertaining!

Signature Sips Made Simple: Elevating Your Holiday Drinks

I always like to plan for one signature cocktail for the event. Picture this: a fuss-free, yet incredibly impressive beverage setup that makes hosting a breeze. That’s the magic of serving your guests a signature drink. Just make a large batch of the cocktail (check out our holiday favorite below). Mixing up a batch makes for an easy “help yourself” bar set up.

Now, here’s the kicker to take your cocktail game up a notch:  those beautiful glasses that add that touch of elegance! We love shopping local whenever we can, and while the ones we used hailed from Borgo Rosati, there are several great sources for barware. If you are serving an Old Fashioned, like we show here, make sure you have the appropriate glasses. Or, if it’s a champagne cocktail, round up your stemware. You get the idea! Set appropriate glasses out based on what you or your mixologist (Derrick 😉) is whipping up.

Winter Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe


Maple Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup dark brown sugar
  • 3/4 cup 100% real maple syrup

Old Fashioned

  • 1 1/2 oz bourbon
  • 3/4 oz simple syrup
  • 5-6 dashes angostura bitters
  • 1 large ice cube
  • 1 sprig rosemary
  • 1 orange twist (optional)


Maple Brown Sugar Simple Syrup

  1. Add water, brown sugar and maple syrup to a saucepan.
  2. Bring to a boil and take off the heat.
  3. Once sugar is dissolved, put it into a jar with a lid and cool in fridge.

Old Fashioned

  1. Put large ice cube into whiskey glass.
  2. Add bitters to glass.
  3. Then add simple syrup and bourbon to glass and stir. Add a sprig of rosemary and orange twist to garnish. Enjoy!

Picture a DIY bar with all the fixings: bowls of rosemary, those oh-so-yummy dried oranges we snagged from Trader Joe’s (major score!), and of course, plenty of whiskey at the ready. Oh, and let’s not forget about the champers and vino in a mega tub of ice. Make it effortless for your guests to mix up their drinks while you sit back and enjoy the party. Plus, throw in some bubbly water for those opting to keep it non-alcoholic. Easy, right? It’s all about the relaxed, do-it-yourself vibe, with a sprinkle of ‘look at me being a pro mixologist’ charm!

You see, the beauty of having a signature drink is that it sets the mood and adds a touch of pizazz. And come on, who doesn’t love a self-serve cocktail bar? Trust me, with this set-up, your guests will be raising their glasses and toasting your hosting skills all night long.

And then, there’s the ice game. You know what I’m talking about — those big, glorious ice cubes that make your scotch or whiskey moments top-notch. Derrick’s a fan, and I’m right there with him. These slow-melting cubes are what take the drink from good to “oh my, this is amazing.” Luckily, I’ve found these ice molds on Williams-Sonoma that promise those perfect, sizeable cubes. Trust me, it’s worth investing in these ice molds — they make the drinks that much better. 


Elevate Your Gatherings with Simple Delights

Preparing for a fantastic holiday party doesn’t have to be a marathon of cooking and baking. So, let’s dish about appetizers, shall we? The key here is simplicity: think snacks that are quick, easy, and downright delicious. Take, for instance, pomegranate brie crostinis, a gem of a recipe from Christiann Koepke. Now these beauties? They are the epitome of effortless snacking brilliance. Just imagine: creamy brie cheese, a ‘burst in your mouth’ pomegranate seeds, all atop a crunchy crostini. It’s yummy and takes no time to whip up — a mere 20 minutes, tops! That’s the vibe we’re going for here … appetizers that are stress-free, yet totally steal the show. I’ve made these a couple times already this season and I’m telling you, they are a crowd pleaser!

Finding Your Catering Sweet Spot

If you want to serve more than just apps, then let’s chat about the food game plan. When it comes to hosting, catering is a total lifesaver. But hey, if you’re feeling the chef vibes and want to sprinkle your magic in the kitchen, go for it. Play to your strengths. Choose those dishes you ace — the ones that make people go “Wow!” when they take a bite. For this Buche de Noel cake — a total showstopper dessert, by the way — I knew my baking skills weren’t quite up to par. So, I outsourced it to a local baking guru to make my life easier. 

The real key to acing the food scene at your party is outsourcing when you need to. If baking’s your jam, whip up that special dessert. The goal is to rock the party without burning out in the kitchen. So, play it smart and keep it simple!

Having a spread of snacks and nibbles can make all the difference, especially for those initial  cocktail hours or gatherings focused on drinks and apps. I love when we go to a bar and they serve small bowls of kettle chips and nuts. Here’s a great nut mix recipe from one of my favorite “go-to’s” for recipes every holiday season … Tieghan Gerard at Half Baked Harvest. Her concoctions never disappoint! 

And cheese boards? Oh, they’re a delight, but hey, we get it, putting together that perfect board can be quite the task. That’s where local gems come in, like my Bend favorite, Wild Petals Provisions. I’ve personally used their services to create stunning cheese platters that wowed my guests. It’s a time-saver, a money-saver, and honestly, they’ve got access to all those cheese board essentials at prices that probably won’t break the bank. It saves you from hunting for all the ingredients yourself! 

Clouz Houz tip: Adding tiny berries and green pine stems can really elevate your charcuterie board! So, cheers to keeping it simple, enjoyable, and stress-free for us hosts and hostesses 😉


Impromptu Invitations

There are so many great ways to invite your friends and family to an impromptu gathering. Digital invitations are where it’s at! Sometimes the most spontaneous get-togethers end up being the absolute best. Imagine that Wednesday rolls around, and you decide you want to throw something together for the upcoming Saturday. Invite a bunch of friends for a cozy night in, catching up, and having a blast.

Sending out invitations for these impromptu gatherings is easier than you think. Whether it’s through Evite or Paperless Post (two of my faves), there are fantastic resources for crafting quick and stylish digital designs. To make it even simpler, I’ve picked out a couple of my favorite designs from these sites that I think are seriously cool (see below).

Paperless Post: “Cambon”
Paperless Post: “Relaxed Deer”
Evite: “Make Merry Under the Disco Ball”
Evite: “Mix & Mingle the Merry Way”


Crafting the Perfect Playlist for Ultimate Party Vibes

I swear, music just has this insane power to lift the mood to a whole new level. If you know me, you know that music is always playing at our office, home, etc. It helps me focus, get inspired, feel happy or just relish an evening by the fire. Like many of you, Spotify is my go-to for all things music. Their pre-made playlists are like a goldmine. And, you can totally customize what Spotify sends your way. 

I’ve been using Spotify forever, and it’s like they’ve figured out my music taste better than I know it myself! They send me song suggestions they think I’d love based off of what I’ve previously listened to. Just head to your settings and let them know what you’re into, and voila! Your very own tailor-made music recommendations.

Or, if you’re interested in what we’re loving these days, checkout our playlist here and save yourself the time. It’s guaranteed to set the mood for a festive and fun night!

But you know what truly makes these moments special? The joy of connection, the laughter that echoes throughout the rooms, and those spontaneous conversations that leave lasting impressions. It’s all about creating an atmosphere where everyone feels at home, comfortable, and completely themselves. 

So, whether you’re into impromptu gatherings or meticulously planned soirees, remember this: keep it casual, keep it real, and let’s keep on crafting those unforgettable memories together. Cheers to the effortless art of hosting. Now go pop that champagne! 🥂


The November Edit: Moody, mysterious vibes

Welcome to the November Edit: Moody, Mysterious Vibes. We’ll give you a peek into our seasonal favorites and what’s sparking our inspiration this month. As the year winds down, we’re not hitting pause; in fact, we’re in full-on design mode, prepping spaces to feel like a big, warm bear hug for the holidays and the snug winter ahead. 

Month At A Glance

Here at Clouz Houz, we’re diving into those moody, mysterious vibes: think deep paint colors turning rooms into total mood boards, and touchable textures that make you wanna snuggle up everywhere you turn. But, this whole obsession isn’t just at home; it’s creeping into our style game too. We’re taking those comfy home feels and turning them into the most stylin’ outfits. Winter has taken full force in Bend, I cannot leave my home without seeing my breath these days!

Oh, and let’s not forget the Tumalo project – it’s our jam right now. We’re getting ready to move in and making tons of calls about kitchen setups and bedroom jazz-ups. We’re also creating the ultimate hangout spot in the rumpus room. There’s so much decision-making it’s almost funny, but hey, we’re loving every minute!

So, hang tight as we juggle making dreamy spaces, curating stylish outfits, and making a gazillion choices for the Tumalo project. It’s a whirlwind of creativity and style, and you’re invited to join the fun! Here’s to mixing design, fashion, and all those cozy, homey vibes that inspire our motto: “Life is Short. Make it Beautiful.” 

Color Me Moody

Have you ever wanted your walls to look like they’re whispering secrets? Enter the paint color Atelier Espresso Limewash! If walls could talk, they would be saying “I woke up like this” – effortlessly chic with a dash of rustic charm. However, it’s not just paint; these are true vibes. Limewash walls are stealing the spotlight this season, and for good reason. The beauty of lies in its ability to create depth and texture, adding character that’s hard to achieve with regular paint. 

We’re experimenting with limewash in a few select rooms at Tumalo. Can’t wait to see how this finish enhances the rustic mountain vibe, bringing a touch of organic charm to our space. Stay tuned for the transformation!

Lately, my go-to has been all about incorporating hints of chocolate brown into décor, whether it’s through accents, drapery, or even vintage finds. It’s truly the color of the month for setting the mood. 


The Rising Trend of Bows in Homes and Fashion


You know that feeling when your outfit has that perfect little detail that says, “I’m fancy but approachable”? That’s the bow trend for you! Whether it’s this sweater with a lace neckline and a bow that hints at subtle elegance, or a Loeffler Randall pleated clutch that’s all “festive vibes only,” bows are the holiday season’s gift to fashion. 

“Hold Me Closer” Sweater

But, bows aren’t just for your wardrobe! I’ve loved seeing bows adorning Christmas trees, wrapped around wreaths or jazzing up candle holders. Anything to achieve that sophisticated cozy look. It’s like your décor decided to put on its party best! We have something fun planned for incorporating bows into our holiday décor this year, and I cannot wait to share the final look with you 🎀

Clouz Houz Tip: When embracing the bow trend, opt for double-sided satin ribbon. While it might be a tad pricier, the payoff is worth it! The luxurious flow of fabric coupled with the glossy finish on both sides adds that extra touch of elegance to your bows, making them truly standout.


Fuzzy Feels

Winter? More like snuggle season! Say hello to all things furry and fabulous. Talk about a chic snow bunny moment – this oversized fur coat has all the right details. Its duffle coat closures and leather trim accent add a touch of playful contrast to the coziness. 

“Fur-Effect Coat”


Sheepskin fur blankets are not only stylish but remarkably soft. The natural curl of the fur is great for adding rustic charm vibes to your cozy cabin retreat, or to any space where you want to infuse a lodge-like feel. 

Mongolian Sheepskin Throw

These pieces don’t just keep you warm; they are a statement for the winter season!


Vintage Vibes on the Rocks

Source: Bespokeonly on Instagram

Hosting a holiday shindig? Time to break out the vintage etched crystal glasses. These beauties are the secret to making your table setting pop without any added effort. Style them atop a luxurious linen tablecloth for some timeless class. It’s so simple yet so elegant – the perfect way to elevate your hosting game. 

Reflection on What We Are Grateful For

Reflecting on 2023 brings a whirlwind of gratitude and excitement. The Tumalo house stands as our canvas, a home that’s not just another project but a manifestation of our style, reflecting our family’s essence. It’s a journey we’re incredibly grateful for, creating a space that resonates with us now while laying the foundation for its future role in another family’s story. The question pops up often–will it be for sale? Well, the answer is yes, eventually. The timing, however, dances to its tune, tied to a variety of factors. For now, it’s our creative playground. 











Speaking of creativity, our clients have been the stars of our year! From styling projects that weave dreams into reality to renovations that bring new life into spaces, and furnishing projects that infuse soul into every corner–we’ve been on a crazy adventure. It’s been a joyous year collaborating with remarkable clients, each project leaving a fingerprint on our design journey.

Looking forward, 2024 is already buzzing with excitement. We’ve got two projects simmering in the pot. The anticipation grows as we prepare to dive into these new chapters, each promising its own set of thrills and challenges that we are ready to take on.

Our team is the heartbeat of our venture. Welcoming Kaylei at the onset of 2023 and now embracing Emma’s talent in steering our social media and blog, it has been a year of growth and camaraderie. Together, we’ve bonded on how to bring life into our vision, making every step delightful. 

And then there’s Bend – our little haven of a community and our beloved home! From Hot Box Betty to Jack and Millie, Borgo Rosati to Wild Petals Provisions, these local gems aren’t just businesses; they’re part of our story. They’ve woven themselves into our routine, adding a touch of magic to our daily rhythm. I have so much appreciation for these local small businesses and love to watch them flourish. 

Here’s to the blend of creativity, collaboration, and the heartwarming charm of Bend that makes every day a beautiful adventure. Remember life is short … make it beautiful! 🌟


Join Us for a Rustic Christmas Home Tour!

How We Transformed this Cabin for the Holidays

Getting into the Christmas spirit often begins with thoughts of twinkling lights, fragrant pine, and the joy of decking the halls. Whether you’re diving head first into decorating or simply laying out all the possibilities, join us for an exclusive tour through the cozy, rustic wonderland of @CabinRancho72. It’s all dolled up for our holiday giveaway! 

When it comes to decorating your space, it’s all about letting your personal style shine through. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ in holiday decorating; it’s about infusing your unique touch into every corner. We’ll be sharing some tips and tricks that have helped us bring our festive vision to life, ones that can easily spruce up any home regardless of its style. And in our opinion, embracing your home’s style is key. We’ve sprinkled in winter mountain vibes, festive touches, and a whole lot of warmth to make it feel just like home sweet home. But don’t worry, these tips are versatile enough to sprinkle a bit of holiday magic into any space. So, keep reading as we offer links to buy everything we used to style this cabin for the holiday season!

Now, about colors – let’s chat! As someone whose holiday palette has gone through its own evolution (from the classic green and red to a mix of chocolate brown, ivory, and forest green), I can vouch for the power of sticking to a color scheme. Starting with a simple color base, then adding complimentary tones that flow throughout your home ties everything together. So, whether you’re a traditionalist or a bit more eclectic in your color choices, the key is to embrace those shades and let them flow cohesively and naturally. 

Christmas Mantle Magic

The mantle is like the centerpiece of holiday décor – it sets the tone for the whole room. To nail that cozy, rustic feel, it’s all about the trifecta: stockings, greenery, and other décor items like these hanging bells. Now, let’s talk Christmas stockings: opting for unique, patterned, or textured ones can truly elevate the vibe. We stumbled upon these vintage treasures on Etsy, and they fit the cabin aesthetic like a glove. Finding those special pieces adds that eclectic touch that makes your mantle pop with personality. 

Clouz Houz tip: When it comes to faux greenery, the secret’s in the fluff! You’ve got to work those branches to make them look as natural as possible. Pull, bend, and adjust your garland or wreath to give it that full, lush appearance. By adding some sprigs of real greenery here and there, you’ll get a beautiful, realistic-looking, full garland.

Feeling extra festive? Go all out with the garland! Sometimes, one just won’t cut it. Don’t hesitate to layer multiple garlands to achieve that luxurious, full look along the mantle. It’s all about creating visual abundance that screams fake luxury. If you don’t have a mantle to work with, no worries! Think outside the box – consider utilizing other horizontal spaces, like a console table or shelves flanking your fireplace. It’s about making the most of what you’ve got to spread Christmas cheer throughout your space. 


Coffee Table Talk – Chic Simplicity, Always

Bringing the outdoors in is a key move when it comes to coffee table décor. A vase filled with your favorite sprigs or branches, or a bowl adorned with pomegranates or pears instantly adds that natural touch. Our secret? Mixing different types of greenery, playing with varying thickness and textures, to break up the visual monotony and infuse depth into the setting. 

Remember, let’s not overcrowd the table … it’s the hotspot for treats and snacks during gatherings, after all! So, keep it simple yet stylish. A couple of well-chosen books, candles, and small decorative pieces (like a magnifying glass) are all you need. 


Transforming Your Christmas Tree with Glowing Accents

When it comes to tree décor, we like to stick to simple with a dash of standout style. This year, we chose to drench the tree in playful copper tinsel. And when I say drench, I mean DRENCH!! Not only did it make the tree literally glow, but it also filled in the spaces, providing that WOW factor. This trick also left us without the hassle of needing to store loads of ornaments post-holiday. To enhance the sparkle, we sprinkled in white paper snowflake ornaments, adding that extra pop of luminosity.

Of course, what’s a tree without lights? String lights are a must, ensuring that your tree shines bright. This creates a cozy vibe in any space. I’m all about the brilliance of white lights; they truly make the tree come alive! However, string lights can be such a pain to keep from getting tangled. This pre-lit faux Christmas tree that we used up at the cabin was a gem to assemble.  

Now, forget the conventional tree skirt and opt for something different! A vintage planter or basket not only elevates your tree but also adds height and space for Santa’s surprises. Last year, we used a chic tree collar that elevated our décor game. This year, we got creative with a wicker basket, placing the tree snugly inside. World Market has an endless variety of baskets which are perfect for this concept!

Clouz Houz tip: Let your gift wrapping harmonize with your space’s color palette. Stick to one solid paper and one patterned, perhaps a festive plaid or stripes, paired with coordinating ribbon colors. Double-sided satin ribbon elevates the entire presentation of these presents we wrapped for the shoot, especially when paired with rustic papers like deep green butcher paper and a red satin ribbon. Classic, yet oh-so elegant. 


Elevating Your Space with Art, Greenery, and Cozy Comforts

Elevate your space with art — it’s the magical touch that can warm up a winter cabin. It’s not about size or cost; simply framing small prints and scattering them strategically around your home does wonders. These little artworks infuse that wintery charm, creating the perfect cabin vibe. The one we sourced is a vintage Slim Aarons print, which was a bit of a splurge from a local shop Borgo Rosati. To up the coziness, infuse a touch of sparkle into your greenery. These are by far some of the best quality faux wreaths I’ve every come across. All from Terrain, and they come in varying sizes. We also ran the same pre-lit faux garland all the way up the stairs. Trust me, those twinkling lights will instantly add warmth to your space. Add a cluster of hanging iron bells to give the scene some charm and you’re good to go!

Now, onto the essentials for those snug moments by the fireplace: the fluffiest blankets! There’s nothing quite like curling up with a soft throw during those holiday movie nights. Layer in a couple of these snug essentials to keep you and your guests warm and toasty. 


Elevate Your Table Game

No need to go searching for all new tableware to achieve this rustic feel. It’s all about subtle shifts from your tried and true décor, so consider purchasing just one new item. These charming rustic winter setting plates from Pottery Barn will spruce things up! Also, these sheepskin throws are essential for layering even more texture. Stick with your classic china, silverware and linen napkins for those special occasions, and your trusted water goblets to maintain that touch of familiarity and tradition. 

Now, let’s talk about ambiance! Frame the scene with elegant candle holders that cast a warm glow across your table. And, here’s a pro-tip for a stunning centerpiece: gather natural and organic materials right from your backyard. Pinecones, evergreen sprigs, or even dried berries can effortlessly come together to create a centerpiece that exudes rustic charm and festive spirit. If I don’t emphasize this enough, it’s all about embracing nature’s beauty to add that touch of cabin elegance to your table. 


Effortless Kitchen Chic: Keeping the Heart of Your Home Party-Ready

In the midst of all the holiday hustle, we’ve cracked the code for a clutter-free yet festive kitchen. Behold, the hot cocoa station – a seasonal staple that adds warmth to the chilly days. We found the cutest jars over at Boxwood Avenue for storing hot cocoa mix (use code ClouzHouz for 10% off site wide)! Decorative mugs standing at the ready, surrounded by these modern and petite chestnut trees perched on shelves. They bring that touch of Christmas magic without gobbling up precious counter space. And, I’m in love with this taper holder for a more old-school feel.

Here’s the genius part – it’s all about smart décor that seamlessly blends into your day-to-day routine. This setup utilizes cabinets and shelves to their fullest potential, ensuring both tidiness and a festive touch. If you’re trying to maximize space in a tight kitchen, baskets filled with seasonal fruits – think clove-studded oranges and maybe some apples – pull double duty as decorations and aroma enhancers. Trust me, your home will smell fresh and look festive! 

A kitchen counter wouldn’t be properly styled without a sleek dutch oven … the ultimate cherry on top (this one is a Le Creuset dupe from Target)! Perfect for simmering a seasonal potpourri.


Seasonal Shelf Styling

If I haven’t said it enough … greenery!! This potted tree was essential for bringing texture into the kitchen, along with these faux cedar stems that I mixed in to fill the gaps. A touch of seasonal elegance only takes a few added elements to transform your everyday décor into a seasonal refresh. Subtle, yet, impactful decorations breathe life into your shelves without overpowering the natural vibes. Picture a lineup of of these candle houses or  miniature cream bottle brush trees – simple, classic, and chic! Embrace the vintage and timeless appeal, steering clear of anything too cliché or overly festive. 


Crafting Cozy Christmas Nooks

Ah, the joy of creating those snug, inviting corners in your home! Whether it’s a comfy seating area or a stylish bar station ready to shake up some festive cocktails, the canvas for adding a holiday flair knows no bounds. 

Let’s start with your seating — transform those chairs or couches with the addition of seasonal pillows. These super soft bouclé shams are such a good deal! These subtle accents instantly infuse the space with warmth, making it inviting everyone to sink in and enjoy. 

Now, onto the bar cart – the hub of holiday cheer. Here, the magic of the season meets mixology mastery. Picture this: a stylish bar cart adorned with an array of your favorite holiday mixers. Add a touch of sophistication with leather or wood accents to your bar tools, shakers, and ice buckets. Mix in a couple micro spruce trees (these are so adorable) which act as a nice backdrop with their ceramic pots. Lastly, drape this adorable tea towel with skiers over the arm of your bar cart to give it a fun twist. Trust me, there’s a magnetic pull when it comes to the wine and bubbly corner during a Christmas party; it’s the heart of social gatherings. 

As we wrap up our holiday decorating adventure at the cabin, we’re thrilled at how this cozy haven has transformed into a winter sanctuary. We hope you guys love the final look as much as we do! And a huge shoutout to Zee Wendell Photography for capturing all the beautiful moments this day.

Here’s to celebrating the holidays in style and spreading that merry feeling. Thanks for following along! 


Sharing My Secrets for a Relaxing Holiday

If there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout the years about how to really enjoy your holiday, it’s to plan ahead and have these essentials on hand as you approach the busy season. Let’s be honest, we can all feel a bit anxious about the holiday season when there are so many errands to run, events to attend and gifts to wrap! So, today’s blog is about how you can make this year different. Here are my tried and true methods for setting myself up for success so I feel rested, prepared and ready to be present. These items will help you feel equipped to entertain family and friends, get party ready and host drop-in guests for an impromptu cocktail hour (my favorite kind). 😊

Trust me, this list is your secret weapon to spreading joy and turning heads all season long. Here’s what we’re adding to our carts as the most wonderful time of the year rolls in. Consider this a guide for the essential holiday items you’ll need to get you through non-stop festivities this season … cheerfully!

Gear up, hostess with the mostest! These items will save the day when you’re in a last-minute hosting bind. You can transform your home into the ultimate festive hotspot with these lifesavers for the spontaneous party planner in you. I swear by having plenty of extra seating and votive candles (works to set the mood EVERY TIME), as well as cocktail mixers, sparkling water and champagne in the fridge.

Start with a cooler bucket for your wine and champagne because seriously, who wants warm bubbly? This stylish solution keeps drinks chill and the party vibes even cooler. And, for those impromptu cocktail moments, a festive mixer is the secret weapon. No need for fancy prep — just whip up some quick, delightful drinks for your guests without breaking a sweat. I love anything pear flavored, and this mixer sounds delicious! Currently in my cart to have on hand this year.

Then, elevate your holiday hosting game with a touch of vintage charm: a record player. Because nothing sets the mood like the cracking warmth of classic holiday tunes on vinyl! Our son, Andrew, has quite the record collection and I’m thinking I might want to start one too.

When in doubt, cheese it out! A cheeseboard is the unsung hero of last-minute hosting. Seriously, keep a few yummy cheeses, nuts, and fruit stocked, and pull them out for a last minute appetizer. It’s always a crowd pleaser and is easy to throw together if you have the right items in your arsenal.

Level up your hosting setup with a timeless touch: a linen tablecloth. Like the denim of the hosting world, it’s a classic and effortlessly adaptable, ready to be dressed up or down for any occasion. Pair it with a variety of votives, because you can never have too much ambient glow on hand. And, let’s talk seating with these Amazon bamboo folding chairs. They were on my holiday essentials list last year, and they’re back for good reason. Quality meets convenience, and they’re perfect for adding extra seats around the table without compromising on style.

Get ready to welcome guests with open arms and a touch of holiday hospitality! Let’s dive into the must-haves that will make your friends and family feel right at home during the festive season. Who doesn’t love to feel spoiled, as if they’re staying at a luxury mountain lodge? From cozy comforts to thoughtful touches, these items ensure your home is the ultimate holiday haven for those special moments with loved ones. If you can have even just a few of these on hand for your family and guests, you will feel so good when you’re spoiling them. I know I do!

Let’s set the cozy vibes with a touch of holiday magic for their nightstand. I’ve got my eyes on this match cloche and striker combo in this gorgeous olive color — it’s not just functional, it’s a stylish little addition. Paired with a yummy smelling candle, it’s the perfect welcome treat on a nightstand for your guests. Make their room feel like a winter wonderland retreat!

The ultimate guest lifesaver: a charging cable. This braided one with a leather cord keeper is not your average essential; it’s the epitome of elevated convenience. It’s all about the little touches that make your guests feel like royalty.

Keeping the guest experience top-notch, place a carafe and glass set at their bedside. Because let’s be real, who wants to stumble to the kitchen in the middle of the night? Cheers to a night of comfort and convenience! And this one is so chic and affordable.

A silky eye mask is a game-changer for a good night’s sleep, shutting out the hustle and bustle. And, for those moments when they’re getting ready, why not treat them to a plush robe? They had these at the Surfrider in Malibu, and Emma and I fell in love with how soft and cozy they are. (Hint, hint Derrick!) Privacy and comfort rolled into one. To complete the ensemble, throw in some fuzzy slippers — because nothing says “home away from home” like warmth and relaxation. The ultimate trio for a stay that feels like a spa retreat!

Elevate the winter cabin vibes with a leather tissue box cover. A simple upgrade, and a stylish solution for a guest bath! I’m grabbing one for each bathroom.

A Marshall speaker is the perfect way to add a touch of festive ambiance and keep the good vibes rolling. Portable, powerful, and ready to turn any room into a holiday party.

Alright, beauty aficionados, let’s spill the beauty tea for the ultimate holiday glow-up! I’ve been known to be a product junkie (yes, Derrick if you are reading this, I’m admitting it). We’re diving into the essentials I love or want to try. These are the things that’ll have you looking your best at those festive parties. And guess what? We’re not stopping there. After the party’s over, we’ve got some skincare heroes because let’s face it, we’ve all had those mornings when we needed a little extra magic to look alive after a late night! So, stock up on a few of these faves and you will feel equipped and ready- – who needs a glam squad?!?

Let’s talk about the showstopper of the season: RED! I mean, is it even holiday season if you’re not rocking that bold, festive lip? Normally, I’m not a red lip kind of gal, but ’tis the season to break the rules, right? Enter Refy Red Collection Lip and Cheek Set. They’re bringing the glam with their long wear lip liner kit that has a special bond to set the color on your lips all night long. They’re even upped the game by throwing in a cherry cream blush to complete the look. Emma talked me into this one, so I’m giving it a try!

The Merit Glow Serum is a lightweight wonder, like a sip of water for your face — hydrating and plumping your skin in a hot minute. Trust me, you want that glow 24/7, especially when you’re prepping for the holiday glam. But here’s the bonus — you can use it as part of your bedtime routine, and voilà, wake up feeling fresh, dewy, and brighter than a holiday morning. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to that lit-from-within glow!

Tired eyes, meet your holiday superhero: the “Baggage Claim Eye Masks!” Not only do these gold eye patches scream holiday glam (I’ve been known to give these as gifts to my girlfriends), but they’re also the ultimate rescue mission for those under-eye bags and dark circles. Trust me, after all that holiday chaos, you’ll want to treat yourself to a little extra TLC after a marathon of Christmas errands.

Time for a relaxing facial! This magical Gua Sha is not just for depuffing; it’s like giving your face a spa day whenever you please. Use it before your makeup routine, and boom — instant face lift vibes. I swear by this — it DOES work!

My go-to for that smokin’ hot holiday look? This Tom Ford eyeshadow palette is my ride-or-die for a night out. Lightweight, buildable, and oh, so subtle sparkle is just what we need. Try a smokey eye for your next holiday event, it’s the ultimate eye-catching look!

When it comes to fashion, I say plan ahead and buy early! I can’t purchase an entire holiday wardrobe every season, so I think through events I have on my calendar and determine how to build upon what I own to feel a little extra festive. I always treat myself to something new heading into the holidays 😉 We have a couple of dinners out with friends planned, so I’ve been looking for a few new pieces!

First things first, I’m all about staying cozy, so I’m snagging the warmest and softest sweater I can find. Now, to amp up the glam, I’m pairing it with a chic leather skirt. I just got this and I’m loving it! It is so flattering with the gathered waist. Oh, and some tall boots — these knee high stunners from Schutz are my absolute faves. Kitten heel for the win, I currently have them in this cream croc style. But, I recently purchased them in black as they truly keep me the most comfortable during those long events where I’m mingling and making the rounds. Toss in a chic purse, spritz on my favorite holiday scent and I’m ready for any holiday soiree!

Clouz Houz Tip: Buy things that can be worn multiple ways! I wear these boots with mini/midi skirts and skinny jeans.

* * *

As we wrap up this essentials list, consider your festive season officially upgraded! Remember, it’s the little touches that make the biggest impact during the holidays. Wishing you a season filled with joy, warmth, and the perfect touch of festive flair. Happy holidays, and may your celebrations be as fabulous as you are 🤍

All of these beautiful, curated items are conveniently available on our shopLTK page. Explore and shop, so you can step into festivities feeling more than ready for all the great moments ahead. We love that we’re able to help make this holiday season extra special and relaxed for you all — it’s our way of spreading the holiday cheer! Live in the moment, because … Life is Short. Make it Beautiful.


The Quintessential Holiday Gift Guide

Doesn’t it seem like we’re diving into the world of holiday shopping earlier and earlier each year? I don’t know about you, but I’m all for it! With the way things tend to fly off the shelves, it’s never too soon to start checking off that gift list. So, I thought I’d share some helpful ideas for those of you who like to get a head start on your Christmas shopping adventures!

In this holiday gift guide, we’re going to cover a variety of categories that will cater to different tastes and personalities. Whether you’ve got a fashionista friend, a party-loving entertainer, a culinary genius in the making, or some furry babies who deserve some extra love, we’ve got you covered! I’ve scoured the realms of fashion, skincare, home goods, lifestyle items and more to bring you a diverse range of options that’ll make your gift-giving experience a breeze. So, let’s begin this shopping journey together and make this holiday season a little brighter for everyone on your list!

Score the coolest gifts for your entertainment MVPs this season! Whether they’re the life of the party or the master of movie/game nights, these trend-tastic finds are all about helping them shine. From chic home bar accessories to the latest board games and gadgets, these picks will level up their entertainment game. Get ready to gift like a pro!

1. This vibrant, wine-colored printed table runner will infuse a touch of charm into any table setting, making it a great gift for adding a pop of personality to their dining experience. Not to mention, it can be used beyond the holidays!

2. These red and green goblets are absolutely darling, and would be a charming addition to a holiday party setup. Plus, they’re so versatile that you could even use them to create cute nosegays as unique gifts for friends! I’m all about finding creative, reusable presents that bring joy in multiple ways.

4. The gift of a luxurious eau de toilette is delightful. Not only does it add a delightful fragrance to their home, but it also ensures that every gathering they host is filled with an inviting ambiance, setting the stage for memorable moments!

5. White Juliska plates are an entertainer’s dream, offering a classic look. Paired with a batch of homemade cookies, they make for the ultimate host/hostess gift!

10. A champagne bucket is an excellent gift for a host with a flair for luxury, ensuring their bubbly stays perfectly chilled. I also love to use mine for putting a small faux tree in for a tabletop arrangement, adding a festive charm to any gathering.

11. A backgammon game is a wonderful addition to an entertaining arsenal. It keeps kids and guests engaged in fun matches while dinner is in the works. It’s also the coziest way to enjoy a quiet evening by the fire. I especially love the green color, which adds a classic charm!

12. The cocktail mixer wrapped in leather is a must-have for any mixologist in my circle. Its stylish design elevates the art of mixology and is the perfect addition to any bar setup. You are sure to impress your guests with this one!

Get ready to pamper the beauty queen in your life with these finds! Whether she’s a makeup maven, skincare guru, or just loves a touch of glam, we’ve found the perfect items to keep her looking and feeling her best. From the latest in beauty tech to high-end cosmetics and self-care essentials, this roundup has everything she needs to slay her beauty routine.

1. This essential oil diffuser is a dream come true! Not only does it fill any room with delightful scents but it doubles as a soothing nightlight, creating a relaxing ambiance.

5. This fix and restore balm is a skincare superhero. This multitasking balm is the perfect solution to soothe and moisturize troubled skin, whether it’s for your face, body, or anywhere in need of a little TLC. Give her the gift of glowy skin 24/7.

6. This facial steamer is a game-changer. With its micro-steam technology, it brings the dermatologist’s magic home, providing a quick and easy way to purify and revitalize skin.

7. Slip hair ties, the skinny scrunchies, are a secret weapon for maintaining hair health. When my hair is dealing with damage or breakage, these delicate hair ties come in handy, preventing those annoying ridges and ensuring my hair stays effortlessly chic. Plus, the packaging is just adorable!

9. Beis has been killing the game with their travel collections. This dopp cosmetics case offers a smart design with its easy storage for all beauty essentials. The adorable (and trending) pink color adds a touch of personality to your travel routine. It’s the perfect accessory for your cosmetics!

10. The Charlotte Tilbury on the go kit is the ultimate companion for the beauty queen always on the move. This compact kit packs the power of lip liner, lipstick, blush wand, eyeliner and mascara into travel-sized essentials. It’s perfect for maintaining that flawless, put-together look wherever she goes.

12. An ice roller is the secret to achieving that fresh, radiant look. This cooling roller soothes and depuffs, leaving your skin looking rejuvenated and ready to face the world with confidence. Not to mention, it feels absolutely amazing!

Get ready to dazzle the fashionista in your life! Whether she’s always on the forefront of fashion trends, a lover of statement pieces, or an expert in accessorizing, these items are sure to elevate her wardrobe. From designer accessories to versatile wardrobe staples and personalized jewelry, she’ll have everything she needs to slay her fashion game.

2. The Gucci scarf is the epitome of luxury, and if I were to receive this as a gift, I’d treasure it and wear it every day in winter. It is definitely a splurge, but its versatility is what sets it apart. It’s the perfect addition to any outfit, whether dressing up for a special occasion or keeping it casual for a cozy day out.

7. A trench coat is always relaxed yet classy. It adds a touch of comfort and style to any wardrobe. This piece is so versatile — you can catch me wearing these all winter long. The perfect fashion statement for the season!

8. These loafers are a fun twist on traditional footwear that anyone would adore as a gift. The leather with plush shearling trims and a lug sole adds a unique touch of comfort and style. They’re perfect for pairing with cozy socks and wearing to a brunch. They are a trendy and versatile addition to any fashionista’s shoe collection!

10. Watches have made a huge comeback this year as an accessorizing staple, and this medium brown leather watch with three-hand movement is a beautiful piece anyone would cherish as a gift. It’s not just a timepiece — it’s also a stylish addition that compliments your everyday jewelry. This watch adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit, making it very fashion-forward.

11. A classic tote bag is a gift I’ll always love giving because its both timeless and practical. Who wouldn’t want to use it? Whether for travel or just running errands around town, it’s the ultimate accessory that carries all your essentials, making it any fashionista’s best friend!

12. Ugg slippers? Yes please! How cozy and chic! I can’t think of a more perfect gift. They’re incredibly comfortable with their plush shearling, and the added thick sole ensures durability and style. Ideal for those who love running errands in their sweats and slippers.

Get ready to spice up the life of your favorite kitchen wizard with these sizzling hot gifts for the cook! Whether they’re a Michelin-star wannabe or just enjoy preparing delicious food, we’ve rounded up some culinary treasures that’ll make them the real kitchen rockstar. We’ve got everything from gadgets that do the cooking for you to top-notch cookware, and ingredients that could charm even Gordon Ramsay! 😉

1. A Le Creuset dutch oven is a dream come true for any cook, including me. I’ve been eyeing them for sooo long, but it’s not often that I splurge on pricey kitchen gear for myself. However, as a gift, it’s a resounding “yes, please!” The perfect addition to elevate your chef’s culinary creations and bring a pop of color to their kitchen.

3. This butter dish, inspired by French tradition, is absolutely adorable. A perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics!

4. The Ooni pizza oven is a family favorite that we cannot get enough of. It’s not just a kitchen appliance; it’s an experience. Perfect for using all year long, especially if you have a covered area where you can cook outside. Enjoy homemade pizzas with a wood-fired taste anytime you want!

7. Investing in high-quality olive oil and pink balsamic vinegar is crucial for any cook, and the packing on this set is just too cute to resist. They’re now essential kitchen staples, and they also make a wonderful gift.

10. This brass salt and pepper mill set has been a beloved item in our kitchen for quite some time, and I can’t recommend it enough. This set is the perfect gift for a chef who likes to look chic while they work.

A little something for your furry babies! Let’s dive into why giving your furry companions a slice of the holiday gift-giving pie is a must-do. Our pets are family, so why not infuse their gifts with your home’s unique style?

1. Consider a chic dog bed that offers comfort and seamlessly blends with your interior aesthetics. It’s like a win-win for your pup AND your décor game!

5 & 8. Spruce up those daily walks with designer collars and leashes, because your pet deserves to strut their stuff in style.

4 & 7. Keep them entertained with sleek, eye-catching toys that won’t cramp your style. This knotted rope and champagne plush toy are sure to impress your pets and keep them entertained while you open presents on Christmas morning.

6. This treat canister compliments the Juliska white plates (mentioned above) and seamlessly fits into any home’s vibe. It’s a thoughtful gift that brings joy to both pet owners and their furry friends.

3 & 11. A plaid bandana and a striped sherpa coat are fantastic gift choices to keep your best bud looking stylish and festive this winter season. Add a touch of holiday charm to your pet’s ensemble!

When it comes to spoiling the sports fan in your life, the options are as endless as the highlights reel. These gifts celebrate their favorite teams and athletes and enhance their connection to the sports world. Show your appreciation for their enthusiasm and score big points with these treasures.

2. “Golf in a tin” is the perfect idea for the golf enthusiast who can’t get enough of the game. This portable nine hole game allows them to enjoy a round of golf no matter where they are.

5. A beer helmet is a hilarious and practical gift for those die-hard sports fans who never want to miss a game-changing moment. This quirky headgear allows them to keep their hands free while enjoying their favorite beverage, ensuring they’re always ready to cheer, high-five or celebrate when their team scores. Perfect for game days or tailgating parties!

7. A neon sign, like this Oregon Duck light, is an excellent addition to any room or man cave. It’s not just a way to rep the team you’re cheering for; it’s a bold statement of passion and support. The glow of the neon sign adds an electrifying atmosphere during game days, creating a stadium-like feel right at home.

8. A two-in-one duffle and backpack is the ultimate gift for those always on the move with loads of gear, and comes in a variety of fun colors. It adds a stylish touch to their travel gear, whether they are hitting the gym, the slopes, or just need a reliable bag for daily use.

10. These pickleball paddles with a skiers design are an ideal holiday gift for families who love this trending sport. These paddles not only serve as high-quality equipment for pickleball enthusiasts but also add a unique and personalized touch to the game.

11. An exclusive hat is a fantastic addition to any sports lovers’ collection, adding a fun twist to the classic ball cap.

12. A ping pong table is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves intense yet friendly competition. Whether it’s a family gathering or a hangout with friends, ping pong matches are always the best. Designed for outdoor use, it’s a stylish addition to any environment. It’s hard to resist the thrill of ping pong! This table will provide hours of laughter, bonding and energetic games, creating endless memories for years to come.


Gifts for the “lounge lizard” are all about embracing relaxation and comfort in the sanctuary of one’s home. These individuals revel in the art of unwinding, and these gifts are tailored to enhance their cozy moments. They appreciate the little things that make home a haven. These items are sure to add a touch or luxury and style to their surroundings.

1 & 4. Entertainment is key, and these games make for the perfect pastime. A beautifully crafted version of Connect Four not only adds an artful statement to your home, but also encourages strategic fun! And, when it comes to iconic nostalgia, the countertop Pac-Man arcade game is a must-have.

2. Let’s face it, not everyday is a good hair day. When you’re indulging in hours of lounging, having a beanie on standby is a game-changer. It’s the perfect solution for those moments when you haven’t quite mustered the energy to tackle bedhead, allowing you to look stylish while maintaining a relaxed vibe.

3. Whether your lounge lizards are kicking back in their favorite chair or creating a serene ambiance in their space, music is essential. This portable speaker is for those who appreciate the fusion of comfort and convenience. And, did I mention that it’s waterproof? Perfect for tunes around the pool.

5 & 11. Pajamas with bold patterns and comfy materials are the go-to uniform for those who adore lounging in style. So, whether it’s catching up on your favorite series, curing up with a good book, or simply enjoying a leisurely breakfast, these make every moment of relaxation a chic and comfortable experience. They’re not just sleepwear; they’re a statement of laid-back luxury that turns any day of lounging into a masterpiece.

7. A checkered throw blanket is the best accessory for cozy movie nights on the couch. This is your ticket to relaxation! It’s a visual delight that enhances your lounging experience, and is perfect for anyone who appreciates the art of snuggling up and escaping real life obligations.

* * *

As the holiday season approaches, the excitement is building quickly. We hope this holiday gift guide has given you some creative ideas for the special people in your life! Head over to our LTK page, or shop directly on our website for those pictured items that we didn’t mention in this post. Additionally, sign up for the Sunday Subscriber, our weekly newsletter where we will be sharing more holiday ideas regarding gifts, recipes, and fun projects. If you’re ever in need of more inspiration, feel free to comment and let us know how we can help. Thanks for joining us on this gift-giving adventure, and we look forward to sharing more holiday delights with you in the coming days.

Happy holidays, and may your gift-giving be filled with warmth and cheer! 🌟


Master Your Tile Project: Design, Layouts, and Grout

Photo: Zee Wendell Photography

Planning a tile project can be an exciting yet daunting endeavor, especially when you’re aiming to revamp your space. We’re going to dive into the world of tile design, and guide you through the process of creating a stunning tiled space. Drawing inspiration from our most recent project, Tumalo Ranch, we’ll share our insights on the types of tiles that are currently stealing the spotlight We’ll also explain how to master the art of tile layout, and even help you choose the perfect grout to bring it all together. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a first-time planner, we’ll give you tips and tricks to turn your vision into reality! 

When starting your tile project, finding the inspiration first can set the tone for the entire endeavor. It’s like discovering the cornerstone of your design vision. Whether it’s a vibrant color that caught your eye or an intricate pattern that speaks to your aesthetic, this initial tile becomes the creative spark that ignites the whole project. From there, the magic lies in selecting the complimentary tiles that harmonize with this focal piece, forming a cohesive design scheme. 

The key to a successful tile project often revolves around the balance between inspirational tile and the patterns you choose. If your starting tile is bold and complex, you may want to opt for a more straightforward layout. Simplicity in the layout can enhance the impact of that striking tile. On the other hand, when working with simpler styles (like classic subway), the options for creativity increase. The possibilities for captivating patterns are limitless, allowing you to create intricate designs that turn even the most basic tiles into works of art. So remember: the inspirational tile is your guide, and the patterns you select are the elements that complete your masterpiece. 


Innovative Tile Layouts


Source: Lauradesignandco on Instagram

Lately, I’ve been really enjoying the various ways people are getting creative with tile layouts to make simple ones feel more special. One cool trend I’ve come across is the alternating vertical and horizontal pattern, which is especially popular in shower designs. It’s a straightforward idea: instead of placing all the tiles in a row either vertically or horizontally, you alternate them. For example, you put a row of vertical tiles, then a row of horizontal ones, and so on. This simple change adds a visually interesting dynamic to the space. 

We’ve found many examples of this pattern on Pinterest, which is always a great source of inspiration. It’s surprising how this small tweak in arrangement can make a big difference, turning your project into something not just practical but also visually striking. So, if you want to give your space a unique touch, these creative layouts are definitely worth considering in your next renovation project. 


The Power of Grout in Tile Design




Source: Tessaneustadt on Instagram
Source: Unknown

One often underestimated but incredibly influential aspect of tile projects is the choice of grout. The grout color you select can drastically alter the overall look of your tiled surface. It’s the finishing touch that can make your pattern either pop or blend seamlessly into the background. 

If your goal is to make the pattern more noticeable and integral to your design, a contrasting grout is the way to go. This approach creates a striking contrast between the tiles and the grout lines, making the pattern standout. On the other hand, if you prefer a more subdued, less busy look, opting for a grout that closely matches the tile color is the key. This tonal choice allows the tiles to flow together, creating a more tranquil and cohesive look. 

When working with bold colors, the grout choice becomes especially important. You wouldn’t typically match a deep red tile with a deep red grout, as it might be overwhelming. Instead, you’d want to find a grout color that compliments the tile. For instance, a charcoal or gray grout could provide a balanced backdrop, allowing the bold tile to shine without overpowering the space. The grout isn’t just the glue that holds your tiles together; it’s an essential part of the design puzzle.

Clouz Houz tip: To ensure safety and prevent slipping in the shower, it’s recommended to opt for smaller format tiles for the floor. Whether it’s a mosaic pattern or a tile that’s under four inches, this choice has its advantages. Smaller tiles inherently mean more grout lines, and in a shower, that’s essential for traction. Grout lines provide additional grip. So, remember that smaller tiles not only contribute to aesthetics but also play a crucial role in keeping your shower safe and functional. It’s a small but significant detail that can make a big difference in your everyday use and enjoyment of the space. 


The Allure of Dry Stacked Zellige Tiles


Source: Claire Brody

In contemporary tile design, a cool trend has hit the spotlight: the dry stacking of Zellige tiles. This technique essentially minimizes grout joints to create a seamless surface. Unlike traditional tile installations that involve small spacers, dry stacking involves setting the tiles directly on top of one another. The result? A striking, grout-free aesthetic that allows the tiles to take center stage. It’s the perfect choice when you want the focus to be solely on the tile itself, without any distracting grout lines. I’ve found this approach particularly appealing, especially when working with Zellige tiles, as it accentuates their unique handmade character and texture. 

However, when working with Zellige or similar delicate tiles, it’s essential to plan for a more significant tile overage than you would with standard ones. While a 15% overage is generally recommended for regular tiles, try aiming for 20% to 25% when working with Zellige. These tiles can be fragile and prone to breaking during transit, so having extra on hand is a smart precaution. 


Embracing the Allure of Natural stone Tiles


Source: Pinterest

Lately, my tile projects have been increasingly drawn to the timeless beauty of natural stone tiles. They exude a certain elegance and warmth that’s hard to replicate with porcelain or ceramic alternatives. The organic, earthy vibe they bring to a space is something I find truly beautiful. While natural stone tiles are stunning, they can come with a heftier price tag compared to their porcelain or ceramic counterparts.

However, you don’t have to go all-in on natural stone if you’re on a budget. Mixing in some porcelain or ceramic tiles with your natural stone can yield a striking and cost-effective result. This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds, combining the aesthetic appeal of natural stone with the affordability of porcelain or ceramic tiles. The contrast between these materials can add depth and character to your design, creating a unique and visually pleasing effect. So, when contemplating your tile project, remember there’s no need to compromise. The blend of natural and synthetic can be your key to a beautifully balanced design. 

As we’ve explored the creative potential behind the tile layouts, it’s clear that every detail contributes to a unique and personalized design. The impact of grout selection, the safety considerations of shower tiles and the allure of natural stone all play a part. With a bit of inspiration and careful planning, your tile project can truly become a work of art. Unleash your creativity, and let your tile reflect your unique personality and style!

For more bathroom inspiration you can follow us on Pinterest here!



Our Client Design Process: A Holistic Approach


Our Client Design Process: A Holistic Approach

Welcome to the magical world of interior design, where we work our magic to make your home dreams come true! Today, I am thrilled to give you a sneak peek into our exciting design presentation process — it’s not just a meeting, it’s a journey to your dream space. 

There’s more to our mission than meets the eye. We’re all about creating a luxurious experience for you. That means we prioritize clear communication, proactive thinking, and handling every detail with finesse. You won’t have to deal with the usual design project headaches because we’ve got it all covered, from contracts to working with builders.

We even take it a step further. Picture this: white-glove delivery, your plates neatly displayed on your new shelves, and even your bed expertly made. We’re here to make sure your design journey as smooth as silk. But, before I get ahead of myself with all of our design superpowers, we’ll dive into the heart of our design presentation process. That includes the prep work, the key elements, and how it all leads to creating your dream space. Get ready for an inside look at how we turn your design dreams into a reality that’ll leave you in awe! 

Step 1: Inquiry

It all starts when you, our wonderful clients, take a moment to fill out our client inquiry form on our website. From that very instant, our team begins visualizing your dreams. We delve into listing photos of your home, allowing us to envision the canvas and your needs. We’re excited to get a look into your world and see if we are the right fit. But, hey, sometimes, it might not be a perfect match. No worries, though! It’s all about providing the best service for our clients, and if we’re not the best fit aesthetically, we’ll be the first to let you know. 


Step 2: Consultation

Next, we move to the “consultation.” This is where the magic deepens: we offer an on-site consultation. If you are not local, we can schedule a Zoom meeting to meet face to face and ask for detailed photos and videos of your space. We absolutely adore working with clients virtually, so if you’re miles away, don’t hesitate to reach out. Right now we are manifesting projects in Whitefish, Montana, and Sun Valley! Anyone, anyone?? 😉 During the on-site consultation, we walk through your home, but here’s the twist — it’s not about offering design advice just yet. Instead, it’s all about building trust, getting to know your space, and seeing if our visions align … at least to some degree. Your dream space knows no bounds. 

Step 3: Proposal/Contract

Now, let’s dive into the enchanting “design proposal/contract>” This is where the real magic start to take shape! After our consultation, we take about a week to craft a comprehensive design proposal that lays out the entire scope of work. But here’s the exciting part: it’s not just a vague outline. We break it down by each room: from the primary bathroom to the kitchen, laundry, and beyond. You’ll get an estimation of the design hours for each space so you know exactly what to expect. Please note, though, that project management admin hours aren’t included in the proposal, because they’re billed by the hour. At the end of every month you are billed for design hours and any project management hours accrued in that given month, so you’re kept up to date on billings.

We love using IDCO Studios’ template on CANVA to create our proposals. It’s a fantastic tool that helps us bring your dream to life. (Here’s the link to IDCO if you want to check it out yourself:


Step 4: Design Questionnaire

Our questionnaire is where we like to add a little sprinkle of personal touch. Here’s where we get down to the nitty-gritty details that make your design uniquely yours. We’ll ask you to fill out your “design homework,” a fun list that covers everything, even the tiniest details. Expect questions like, “Do you prefer a high bed or a low bed?” “Do you want drawers in your nightstand?” And we’ll get creative with it too — “Do you lean towards geometric patterns, stripes, paisley, Indian block prints, or a solid, texture-rich look?” Your answers to these questions help us weave a design that’s truly “you” into every corner of your space. Your dream is in the details! 

Click the link to get started with our client questionnaire , we cannot wait to work with you!

Step 5: Discovery Kickoff Meeting

Let’s kick it up a notch with the kickoff meeting, where we take everything we’ve gathered and turn it into a design journey you’ll love!

Clouz Houz tip: If you’re stepping into our studio, it’s not just a meeting; it’s an invitation into our home. Our cooler is stocked year-round with your favorite bubbly drinks and brews. We’ve got snacks to keep your energy up, and we often grab pastries from our local baker because, hey, every meeting should feel like a fun get-together. 

During this meeting, we’re bringing the initial concepts to the table … things like furniture layouts, floor plans, and elevations for review. But here’s the beauty of it — nothing’s set in stone just yet. We’re diving into the finer details. We’ll chat about cabinet styles — slim shaker or traditional, inset or overlay. Then, the faucet talk — do you prefer a side spray or a pull-down? And let’s not forget the real gems, like discussing if you need a water filter or where to place the microwave. Plus, we’re throwing in a curveball — wear on living finishes, light or dark flooring, engineered hardwoods throughout. These are all the ingredients that make your space yours! So no stone is left unturned.

Clouz Houz tip: If you’re making decisions about your flooring, we stand proudly behind DuChateau flooring. We  highly recommend it if you’re on the hunt for top-notch, quality, engineered hardwoods. Your floors are the foundation of your design, and we want to make sure they are both beautiful and durable. 

Step 6: Then We Disappear … quite literally!

Well, not literally, but almost! For the next 6-8 weeks, we’re in full ‘ghost’ mode, working behind the scenes to craft your dream space. This is when we take the wheel and steer the ship straight towards your vision. You might find us working from home, diving into design books, scrolling through Pinterest late at night, or simply taking a refreshing walk in nature. The creative process is like a fine wine; it takes time to mature. While it may seem like we’ve vanished for a while, rest assured, we’re working on a multitude of details. 

We’re also collaborating closely with our draftsperson, furniture makers and showrooms, as well as ordering samples. We’re handpicking the exact tile, floors, fabrics, wallpapers, paints, finishes, hardware pulls, knobs, lighting, and even the faucet that’s perfect for your space. Oprah once said, “The best gift you can give yourself is time.” It’s during this time that the greatest ideas come to life, and the results are truly enchanting. 

Clouz Houz tip (for designers): Don’t be afraid to step away and take the time you need. Be open about the magic-making that’s happening behind the scenes. This is how you show up as your best self and offer the most amazing designs. 

Step 7: Holistic Presentation

This is where we unveil the entire masterpiece, in its entirety! We’re not just presenting isolated elements; we’re looking at all the finish materials as a harmonious whole. And, we’re diving deep into elevations and layouts. Here’s the most thrilling part: you get to witness your entire dream coming to life right before your eyes! 

Clouz Houz tip: We may just pop open some champagne to celebrate this milestone. It’s a moment to savor as we bring together every detail into one breathtaking design. Your dream space is about to take its final form, and it’s an absolute triumph!


Step 8: Bidset to pass along to your Builder/General Contractor

Now we are at the “bidset” stage. This is where we hand the wheel over to your general contractor and become their best friend in the world of design. We present them with the comprehensive ‘bible’ of instructions that contains every single detail and selection that we’ve carefully crafted. 

But here’s the thing — if there’s ever a need to make revisions due to budgetary considerations, rest assured, we’re here to adjust and revise selections as needed. Your goals are our top priority, and we want to ensure it’s up to par, no matter the twists and turns along the way. 

* * *

In the world of design, our ultimate goal is simple: to make our clients as happy as can be. We’re here to ensure that this experience is not just efficient but also inspiring and creative. We treat your project with the same care and love as if it were our own home, and we’re incredibly proud of the bonds we build with our clients along the way.

Big shoutout to Julia Miller from Yond Interiors for helping us fine-tune our client process. We’re beyond grateful for our call using @theexpert. If you get a chance, check it out — we highly recommend it!

And the excitement doesn’t stop there – next week, we’re gearing up for the Haven List Retreat in beautiful Sonoma. We can’t wait to soak in all the wisdom from experts in our field. It’s the industry’s top business retreat for interior designers, and we’re ready to dive in and learn even more! 

We hope this glimpse into our process sheds some light for those seeking to transform their space and who want to know more about how we work here at Clouz Houz. Your dream space is just a few steps away, and we can’t wait to make it a reality!


What To Do When An Island Just Won’t Fit

Island. Source: Amber Interiors

When an Island Just Won’t Fit

In the world of kitchen design, the centerpiece often takes the form of an island – a versatile hub for cooking, dining, and socializing. But, what happens when your kitchen simply won’t accommodate a piece of this size? Well, this fantastic alternative not only saves space, but also adds a touch of style and functionality: freestanding tables.

The Beauty of Freestanding Tables

On our hunt for the ideal kitchen setup, we understand that limitations can sometimes spark creativity. That’s why we’re here to guide you through the art of selecting the perfect freestanding table when an island just won’t fit. Whether you’re working with a cozy kitchen nook or seeking a flexible dining solution, the world of freestanding tables offers a world of possibilities. 

We always strive to turn our design challenges into opportunities, and our Tumalo Ranch project is a prime example. Nestled in a charming cottage-style kitchen, the available space was going to be a bit tricky to lay out. Our solution? A vintage butcher block table that serves as a functional food preparation surface and doubles as a captivating centerpiece. To enhance its decorative appeal, just add a simple vase with a stunning flower arrangement. It’ll transform it into a picturesque focal point.

Source: Anthroliving

When it comes to upgrading your kitchen while dealing with a smaller space, you have a variety of fantastic options to choose from: vintage tables, butcher block countertops, and even custom-made solutions. We’ve been searching high and low for the perfect addition to our small kitchen area. Each of these choices brings its unique charm and practicality to the table (no pun intended).

These vintage finds fit seamlessly into the heart of our small kitchen, bringing with them a sense of rustic charm that compliments our desired aesthetic for the space. And now, we’ve selected a few pieces that we think would be the perfect addition to incorporate into your space. They fuse vintage charm and modern design, and each one offers a unique character and style. So … let’s take a look!


The September Edit: Cozy Vibes


Well, it’s like summer just went poof! As we say goodbye to September, we’re suddenly surrounded by those cozy, rich hues of fall. Time to hunker down and get cozy! No fancy tricks here – just pure comfy vibes. 

Welcome to “The September Edit.” We’re here to dish on what’s going to be keeping us snug at home. 

Imagine this: you, wrapped in your comfiest blanket, surrounded by the warm, earthy colors of fall, and a cinnamon scented candle doing its thing in the background. Yep, that’s the vibe we’re chasing. 

Muddy Colorways Inspire Cozy Comfort


Source: Kipling House Interiors


Introducing our color of the month: Farrow & Ball “Brinjal” – a deep burgundy plum. As we step into the heart of fall, this is a color that’s making waves and stealing the spotlight. Inspired by a gorgeous tile chosen for our wet bar up at the Tumalo Ranch project, this hue is the defining color of the season. Why is it such a standout choice for this time of year? 

It Embraces the Essence of Autumn

Its rich, plum undertones evoke the feeling of crisp fall leaves and warm evenings by the fire. It’s cozy enough to create a relaxed atmosphere in your living spaces, yet it carries an air of luxury that can elevate any room. 

It Adds a Sense of Drama

Adding “Brinjal” to your space, whether on cabinets or an accent wall, infuses a touch of drama. It creates depth and intrigue, making a statement without overwhelming the room. Designers are increasingly drawn to these rich hues for their ability to create intimate and inviting environments. It is an excellent bridge from one season to the next!

The Allure of Vintage-Inspired Florals


Source: Unknown


In the ever-evolving world of design, there’s something timeless and captivating about vintage-inspired florals. We’re highlighting this classic trend, and one standout option that has us swooning is the Pomona fabric in Tobacco from Lisa Fine Textiles. 

It’s the kind of print that effortlessly exudes a nostalgic element. It feels fresh and relevant in traditional interiors. The tobacco shade is a neutral dream. Its versatile and adaptable, blending seamlessly with a wide range of color schemes. Whether you’re into earthy browns, muted tones, or bold contrasts, this fabric can play along beautifully.


Source: Tissus Choisis Par Casa Lopez on Instagram

We’re considering covering our banquette in this fabric for our Tumalo Ranch dining area. The warm, inviting pattern sets the tone for a cozy meal, enhancing the dining experience with its vintage allure. 

Falling for Brown Fringe Jackets



In the world of fashion, some trends have the power to steal our hearts and become instant classics. Enter a brown fringe jacket– a gem that perfectly compliments the warm, earthy tones that we’ve been celebrating throughout this post. Fashion and interior design trends very much go hand-in-hand. This jacket is like bringing the cozy atmosphere of our homes with us wherever we go. 

Not to mention, it effortlessly elevates your style game. Whether paired with jeans, a dress, or anything in between, it adds an element of rustic chic that’s equal parts laid-back and fashionable. The fringe detailing is an absolute game-changer. It introduces an element of texture and movement that’s simply irresistible! 



This September, and for the approaching months of the season, our interiors and fashion choices share a common thread: coziness, warmth, and an appreciation for nature’s color palette. You’re not just following a trend; you’re embodying a timeless aesthetic that celebrates the richness of fall. It’s a reminder that, in the midst of ever-changing trends, some things remain constant. This vintage charm will forever be a huge inspiration behind Clouz Houz designs. 

Elevate your lifestyle with our unique and trendy lifestyle finds! Shop our LTK and see everything we are buying for clients and ourselves this season. From fashion, to home decor and everything in between, we are sure that something will catch your eye.


The Best White Paints: Here Are My Favorites

A Thoughtful List of Our Tride and True Shades

Let’s chat about something we’ve all got on our walls but might not have thought much about– white paint. These white paint colors are ones that we have used time and time again. I’ve used them in client projects and even in our own investments. But here’s the kicker – not all whites are created equal. 

It’s kinda like trying to find the perfect pair of jeans. You know, they may all look the same, but once you’ve found “the one,” you get it! It sets the mood, and trust me, it’s not as straightforward as you’d think. So, let’s talk about why choosing the right white paint is so important.

“Simply White”

We’ll kick things off with an absolute classic: Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White.” This one holds a special place in my heart. I mean, I first dipped my brush into this beauty when it snagged the “Color of the Year” in 2016.

And let me tell you, it lives up to its name — it’s simple (no pun intended), clean, and oh-so-versatile. This shade of white isn’t too bright, but it’s not drifting off into the yellow sunset either. It’s that sweet spot right in the middle.

What’s so great about “Simply White” is that it can adapt to any situation. Seriously, it can swing from modern to traditional. That’s why I keep it in my back pocket for just about everything – trim, cabinetry, doors, ceilings – you name it! 

“Swiss Coffee”

This is another gem from Benjamin Moore – “Swiss Coffee.” This one’s got a little secret – a touch of brown in the mix. And it’s right there in the name, so no surprises there. Think of a super creamy, frothy cup of your favorite coffee.

But here’s where it gets interesting – I like to have the paint store mix it at half strength. Yep, we’re talking 50% of the usual strength they’d use for a gallon of paint. This little tweak does wonders; it cuts down on some of the brown but still leaves you with this beautiful warm white. 

We went all-in with “Swiss Coffee” in our old home, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer, especially in those sun-drenched bedrooms. It’s like a warm, cozy hug from your wall paint, especially when you’re working with more traditional or transitional home vibes. This shade pairs best with warm, natural materials, so if you’re into that organic, inviting feel, “Swiss Coffee” might just become your new best friend. 

“Chantilly Lace”

Alright, buckle up, because we’re about to explore Benjamin Moore’s “Chantilly Lace,” and this one’s a real game-changer! If you’ve been on the prowl for that perfect, clean, and bright white, with not a hint of pink or blue in sight, then you’re in for a treat. In my books, it’s not just any white; it’s one of the “purest” whites out there. The name itself hints at its elegance – picture that crisp, delicate lace you might’ve inherited from your grandma.

When it comes to achieving that modern aesthetic, “Chantilly Lace” is the unsung hero – cool, suave, and always in style. However, it’s not just limited to modern settings. This shade can effortlessly dance with black, neutrals, and those cozy, earthy tones, creating a visual contrast that’s simply stunning. So, here’s the inside scoop: I highly recommend it for bathrooms and kitchens, where its pristine, clean look works like a charm.  

“White Dove”

And now, for the grand finale, we’ve got Benjamin Moore’s “White Dove.” This one’s an absolute favorite, especially in rooms that bask in the glory of abundant natural light. It’s got these warm, creamy, almost gray-ish undertones that create a serene and cozy atmosphere, making it the go-to choice for a dreamy bedroom. I mean, if you’re all about those soothing, calming vibes, “White Dove” is your wingman (pun totally intended). 

So, if your space is blessed with sunshine aplenty and you’re looking for a paint color that radiates tranquility, “White Dove” is the answer. It’s the white paint equivalent of a good night’s sleep. You won’t want to hit the snooze button on this one!

Clouz Houz tip #1: 

Every white paint can have its own little personality in each home. So, here’s the deal – before you dive headfirst into a sea of white paint cans, take a breath and consider this. It’s worth every penny and a bit of your time to grab some samples! You can either purchase those little paint sample pots or opt for a nifty solution like sheets from Samplize. These babies come with a sticky backing, so you can peel and place them in your desired room – no mess, no fuss!

Now, here’s the real secret: live with the paint color for at least a day. Give it some time to shine, or not, in different lighting scenarios. Observe it in the morning sun, the daytime glow, and the cozy evening light. You’d be surprised how a color can change its tune and you want to make sure that you’re in love with that white paint in all its moods.


Clouz Houz tip #2:

And here’s our last piece of advice: if you’re aiming for that super sleek and streamlined palette in your space, here’s a trick we swear by: keep the same white for both your walls and trim. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Won’t that be too much white?” Well, believe it or not, by playing around with different sheens, you can work wonders. Picture this – matte or eggshell for the walls and satin for the trim. What you end up with is a beautifully complimentary look with the added bonus of gorgeous shadow lines where the two meet. So, if you’re all about keeping things crisp, clean, and elegant, consider this white-on-white strategy.


I hope this guide has lightened the load and empowered you to confidently choose the ideal shade of white for your home. Remember, the right paint cant transform your living spaces, creating the atmosphere your desire. So go ahead and paint your world with the color that truly feels like home!


Two Palettes for an Earthy, Rustic Kitchen

Two Palettes for an Earthy, Rustic Kitchen: Paint and Wood Stains

Brushing Nature’s Rustic Palette

Hello design darlings and rustic re-imaginers! Today, we’re rolling up our sleeves to create some kitchen magic. Ever been torn between the warmth of natural wood and the allure of a fresh coat of paint? Well you’re not alone, and that’s why we’re here 😌 On today’s design journey, we’ll explore not one but two extraordinary kitchen palettes that’ll satisfy your style cravings. From the timeless elegance of white oak cabinetry to the bold strokes of organic-colored painted cabinets, join us on a rustic rendezvous that’ll leave your kitchen transformed!


Choosing the Right Oak: Rift vs. Regular White Oak Cabinets

As a designer who’s always looking for that perfect blend of rustic charm and timeless elegance, I have a soft spot for the natural beauty of white oak cabinetry. When it comes to white oak, there’s a delightful choice to make: rift white oak or the good old regular white oak. What sets them apart you might ask? Well, it’s all in the way they’re cut, which gives each its unique personality. 

Rift White Oak 

Picture this: straight, consistent grain patterns that run parallel across the surface. This cutting technique, aptly named ‘rift,’ creates a mesmerizing linear effect that’s a hallmark of classic, no-fuss elegance. 

But, you might wonder … what are the pros and cons? Well, it exudes a refined, clean look that’s perfect for minimalist and rustic kitchens alike. The straight grain adds a touch of sophistication. Con? Some might find it a tad formal for their taste, but I say it’s all about personal style! 

Regular White Oak

Now, if you’re seeking a more relaxed, welcoming vibe, regular white oak might be your cup of tea. The grain pattern here dances freely in various directions, giving it a more casual, organic feel. It’s versatile, adaptable, and adds a touch of cozy character to your rustic kitchen. Also, the dynamic grain pattern brings life and warmth. If you’re a stickler for symmetry, the freewheeling grain might not be your jam. 

I’ve recently spent quite some time researching and experimenting with various wood staining techniques for the ceiling over at Tumalo. It feels like I’ve delved into endless research, exploring a myriad of techniques and possibilities to achieve that perfect rustic look. So, let me share what we’ve discovered!

source: Bre Bertolini

Our Favorite Rustic Wood Stains

  1. Miniwax “Weathered Oak”
  2. Miniwax “Early American”
  3. Behr “Cordovan Brown”

Now for the fun part! To amp up the rustic charm of these oak cabinets, consider introducing organic or earthy colors into the mix. Maybe it’s a striking green backsplash, a captivating terracotta tile, or the timeless allure of natural stone countertops. These earthy elements not only compliment the wood, but also provide that delightful contrast that elevates the entire palette. So, whether you lean towards rift or regular white oak, know that both are equally beautiful choices for your kitchen canvas. 


The Art of Earthy Painted Cabinets

If you’re craving a touch of artistic flair in your kitchen, let’s dive into the second palette: painted cabinets. These offer a canvas for creativity and allow you to set the mood for your culinary haven. Why? Because they bring a burst of color and personality into the heart of your home, turning it into a space that’s not just functional but a feast for your eyes. Remember, whether you opt for soft, muted pastels, earthy tones, or bold, vibrant hues, painted cabinets have a way of instantly transforming your kitchen’s ambiance. 

But, their beauty goes beyond aesthetics. Painted cabinets are also incredibly versatile, adapting to various design styles and themes with ease. And, they can infuse a touch of vintage charm, create a contemporary edge, or even evoke a sense of coastal serenity. This depends on the colors and finishes you choose. 

Here are some of our top-pick paint colors to help you achieve the rustic and earthy look you desire in your kitchen. These hues have been carefully selected to harmonize with wood accents, creating delightful visuals that encapsulate the essence of your style. 

Source: Yond Interiors

Our Top Earthy Paint Colors

  1. Farrow and Ball “Green Smoke”
  2. Farrow and Ball “Drop Cloth”
  3. Farrow and Ball “Hay”
  4. Benjamin Moore “Coriander Seed”
  5. Benjamin Moore “Adirondack Brown”


The Beauty of Combining Painted Upper Cabinets with Stained Lower Cabinets: Rustic Charm

Want to create a kitchen that effortlessly marries rustic charm with artistic flair? Consider the intriguing combination of painted upper cabinets with stained lower cabinets. This design choice strikes a perfect balance, offering both visual appeal and practicality. 

Clouz Houz tip #1: Prioritize stain-grade for lower cabinets

One key advantage of opting for stain-grade lower cabinets is their durability. Of course, lower cabinets tend to endure more wear and tear, with people occasionally bumping into them or kicking the base. And, stain-grade wood doesn’t readily show chipping or damage like painted cabinets, making it a functional choice for these areas. This not only adds longevity to your kitchen, but also maintains its pristine appearance. 

Clouz Houz tip #2: Budget-friendly painted cabinets

If you’re working with a tight budget, it’s worth noting the material used for painted cabinets is typically less expensive than stain-grade wood. So, consider the option of painted cabinets throughout your kitchen, using the budget-friendly material for construction. 

To maintain that inviting, organic vibe, introduce earthy elements elsewhere in your kitchen design. This way, you achieve a cost-effective solution while still capturing the essence of nature.

Source: Lauren Liess


The Realm of Rustic Kitchens

Whew! We’ve journeyed through the realm of rustic kitchens, and boy, what a ride! From the elegance of the white oak to the rustic charm of painted cabinets and the genius fusion of both, it has been a recipe for success. Remember, your kitchen is like a seasoned chef’s secret ingredient. What’s that you ask? Well, it’s a dash of creativity here, a pinch of practicality there, and voilà, you’ve got a space as trendy as it is unique. So, go ahead: mix and match, paint and stain, and let your kitchen take center stage. Bon appétit and happy designing!


Transforming Teen Spaces with Man Cave Design

Welcome to another exciting journey through the world of design … with a twist! It’s time to roll up our sleeves and dive into a project that’s as thrilling as it is transformational. In this week’s post, we’re about to take on something that is truly a labor of love. That is, turning a humble gardening shed and former teen space into the ultimate “man cave” for our not-so-little-anymore baby of the house!

Picture this: a gardening shed that’s seen better days, now poised for a jaw-dropping makeover. But, don’t let the term “man cave” fool you into thinking this is just about a room packed with gadgets and gizmos. Oh no, we’re taking it up a notch. You see, our teen is on the cusp of his senior year, already towering at an impressive 6’4″. Yes, the days of toys scattered across the floor might be long gone, but the essence of creating a space that resonates with his evolving personality remains ever-important.

Now, here’s the cherry on top. We’re tackling this transformation with an eye on the budget, proving that style and comfort don’t need to break the bank. So, grab your tool belts, unleash your creativity, and join us on this exhilarating ride as we embark on giving this former teen space a total makeover. From brainstorming design concepts to scouting thrift shops for hidden gems, we’re all in on this project.


Navigating the realm of teen spaces is like mastering a funky dance move – you’ve got to hit that sweet spot between not-too-juvenile and not-too-grown-up. It’s like finding the Goldilocks of interior design: not too kiddie, not too corporate, just right. And don’t worry, there’s a treasure trove of great options that cater specifically to the teenage tribe. Consider Pottery Barn Teen — they’ve got the goods that manage to hit that elusive balance between fun and sophistication.

The Power of Fuzzy Textures

We all know that teens practically have a sixth sense for all things soft and furry. So, when it comes to making this space functional for those young, vibrant souls, this is the one golden rule to remember: fuzzy textures are your new besties. I’m talking about textures that practically scream “cuddle time.” I mean, who doesn’t want to snuggle up in a cloud of fleecy fabulousness after a long day of school, sports, and the general whirlwind of teenage life? Think about it … a space decked out with the softest, most inviting fuzzy blankets is basically sending out an open invitation for relaxation. If you want to score big in the teen space transformation game, remember one crucial move: wrap that space in fuzzy textures, and watch it transform into the snug paradise that is every teen’s dream. 


Loungy Perfection: Embracing the Ease of Bean Bags and Flexible Furniture

Now that we’ve established the importance of fuzzy textures, let’s dive into another key element that can take your teen space from basic to brilliant. We’re talking about the art of effortless lounging where bean bags and adaptable furnishings steal the show. 

Imagine this: they’ve got their friends over for a movie night or a gaming marathon. Suddenly, your space transforms into a chill zone where everyone can find their comfy spot without the hassle of rearranging furniture like a game of Tetris. That’s the magic of bean bags and their loungy companions– they can blend in or stand out, depending on the vibe you are going for.

Overstuffed lounge chairs? Check. Floor pillows that invite sprawling out? Double check. These pieces not only offer maximum comfort but also exude that laid-back attitude that’s quintessentially teen. The bonus? They are always ready to be pulled around for impromptu gatherings or a solo chill sesh with a good book. 


Setting the Scene for Your Teen

Your teen space is more than just a place to crash; it’s a canvas to express who they are. And what a better way to do that than with eye-catching artwork that speaks volumes? We’re talking about graphic wonders and sayings that are like little bursts of personality splashed across your walls. From motivational quotes to quirky graphics or neon signs, we are creating a gallery wall behind the sofa. Digital prints are a great, inexpensive option for artwork and are perfect for highlighting your personality. 

When it comes to crafting a space that’s not just stylish but also functional, a mini fridge is a must-have. This compact dynamo is a snacking savior! It provides a prime spot to stash your favorite drinks, waters, pops, or energy drinks. It’s like having your very own 24/7 snack oasis right in the heart of your transformed tuff shed. Movie night munchies and late-night study sessions? This mini fridge has your cravings covered.

When planning for impromptu sleepovers, it’s important to have extra pillows and blankets on hand to set up on a whim. So, stock up on fluffiness and turn your space into the ultimate crash pad, because you never know when the sleepover shenanigans might strike!


From Teen Shed to Chic Hangout

First up on turning this teen shed into hangout heaven, those cold, boring floors had to go. Hardwood was the answer – sleek, stylish, and oh-so-grown-up. But, this project isn’t just about aesthetics. I’s about creating a cozy atmosphere that my teen and their friends will love. So, I decided to add a window, for natural light streaming in during the day and a glimpse of the starry sky at night. And, let’s not forget about the lighting and heat. 

I know some of you might be thinking: “but I don’t have a shed to transform.” Fear not! This idea isn’t limited to sheds. Any underutilized space in your home can become a teenage sanctuary. That guest bedroom that rarely sees guests? Boom, instant hangout spot. That extra TV room that’s collecting dust? Time to turn it into a place where memories are made. 


So, whether you’re a fellow DIY enthusiast or a parent gearing up for a teen room revamp, you’re in for a treat. Stay tuned to our Instagram as we transform the shed into the coolest, coziest, most stylish (for a boy of course) man cave ever! We’re excited to design a space that’s tailor-made for our growing teenager. Let’s make memories, makeovers, and most importantly, design magic 🌟

Here is what we are envisioning for the space. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you have any fun items that your teens is loving, share them with us!

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